Prayers Requested

30 May

Please Pray For:

Toni Ingram

For healing. This week Toni was told she has lung cancer in its early stage

27 May

Please Pray For:

Kim Woo-bin

Dear Venerable Catherine Mcauley, Please pray for Kim Woo-bin who have throat cancer. Thank you very much for your prayers.

25 May

Please Pray For:


for a recovery to full health

17 May

Please Pray For:

Jeanette Fitzsimmons

Massive tumor at the end of the spine.

11 May

Please Pray For:


Please pray for a recovery to health for Bernadette, who has had major cancer surgery.

10 May

Please Pray For:

Newborn baby, Inigo

Inigo is small and frail. May he grow well and strong for the greater glory of God

04 May

Please Pray For:

Mike and family

Intercession of Catherine McAuley to cure Type I diabetes through a miracle and intercede to the Holy Spirit for grace to save his family from sin.

Mary Cordeiro

Cure for lung cancer for Mercy Academy/New Orleans former teacher

28 Apr

Please Pray For:

Jo Clarke

We are praying Catherine’s Suscipe, asking her to intercede with us for Jo, a young mother with two small sons who is dying of breast cancer.

27 Apr

Please Pray For:

Peter O'Reilly

Peter is still waiting patiently for a liver transplant.

18 Apr

Please Pray For:

Iris Morend

Iris has Cancer and so asks for our prayers

13 Apr

Please Pray For:

Mary Ann Malia

For assistance for her in her recent cancer diagnosis. Thank you dear Sisters and Mother McAuley.

05 Apr

Please Pray For:

Jesse Ces

He was diagnosed with ALS in July 2014. He has violent cough attacks, has difficulty speaking and weakness in his limbs. Thank you for your prayers.

23 Mar

Please Pray For:

Shawn Dobbin

Shawn has 4th stage prostate cancer and is requesting prayers for his healing.

15 Mar

Please Pray For:

James Jamisom

James is a young dad with two children and is on life support following brain surgery for an anuerysm.Jesus in your mercy heal him.

Katie Gaudiosi and baby

Katie will have a csection on Monday March 20 she is hospitalized now until the baby will be delivered thank hoi

13 Mar

Please Pray For:

Erin Harrington

I ask for health and inner wellbeing of this young mother.

A couple expecting a baby

The baby is not expected to live longer than three minutes after birth.

11 Mar

Please Pray For:

Olive MC Conville

Please pray for Olive who is undergoing chemo.

Rowena Moore

Please pray for Rowena that she will experience healing.

01 Mar

Please Pray For:

Penny McCarthy

Who is undergoing chemo for cancer

16 Feb

Please Pray For:

Kath Ash

Please pray for Kath Ash, embarking on chemotherapy for breast cancer prior to surgery.

12 Feb

Please Pray For:

Jeannie Kennedy

Jeannie has Four tumours on the chest wall. She had her biopsy and is waiting her results. She is very unwell.

Loretta Hart

Loretta is seriously ill with cancer of the bowel. Will require surgery resulting in a colostomy.

08 Feb

Please Pray For:

Robert Meehan

Please pray for Robert Meehan an 18 year old boy having serious surgery to reverse an Ileostomy.