Prayers Requested

28 Oct

Please Pray For:

The safety of those volunteers who are dealing with the Ebola Crisis

All volunteers and in particular Dr Geraldine O Hara (my niece) who is currently working in Sierra Leone

24 Oct

Please Pray For:

Mary Ann Walsh, RSM

Please pray for a cure, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, for Mary Ann who has cancer a recurrence of cancer.

22 Oct

Please Pray For:

Sandra McGregor, Pastoral care/Supervisor

Sandra. MacGregor motor neurone disease.

21 Oct

Please Pray For:

Jacqueline Synnott

I have COPD and bronchiectasis, I cannot breathe properly and I also suffer from acid reflux disease, joint hypermobility syndrome and epilepsy.

19 Oct

Please Pray For:

Anne Nerbun

Complete and total healing of her left hip and right knee.

16 Oct

Please Pray For:


I pray for Pat who has motor neurone. Through Catherine's intercession may Pat be blessed with hope and comfort as she faces the time ahead.

Mary Olejnik, Davida Morgan, RSM, Maureen, RSM, DePorres McCallan, RSM and Ruth, RSM

Please pray for these women who have cancer

12 Oct

Please Pray For:

Diana, Alaina, Maria & her parents, Hannah Graham, Brittany Maynard, the young boy who will lose his sight & Gerry

that they may be restored to perfect health.

08 Oct

Please Pray For:

Anna Marie McKinney

Anna is in need of a kidney transplant.

03 Oct

Please Pray For:

Sr. Andrea Hogan, Sr. Gerry Murphy @ Sr. Margueritte McCarthy . Mercy sisters currently on treatment

May Catherine journey with them and bring them to perfect health.

01 Oct

Please Pray For:

Mercy Associate Bob Wilcocks

Bob has intense pelvic pain from prostate cancer. Please pray for his healing and for peace and assurance for his wife Carol.

Elaine Sipe

Please pray for the healing of Elaine Sipe who is diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.

30 Sep

Please Pray For:

Sister Carmel, RSM

I pray that Carmel will once again be able to walk with her aids and health improvers. So Lord and Catherine bless her with your love and peace.

Irene Seidel

Dear, Venerable Mother Catherine McCauley please intercede for my dear Aunt's recurrance of breast cancer, that she go into remission.

Dennis Payne

For Dennis Payne who is battling prostate cancer, and dealing with some permanent negative effects of the cancer.

25 Sep

Please Pray For:

Liz and Joseph

that my daughter, Liz, be cured of her rheumatoid arthritis; my son, Joseph, be cured of his depression

19 Sep

Please Pray For:

Sister Mary Kelly, RSM West Midwest Community of the Institute of the Americas

Sister Mary has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please pray with us for healing through the intercession of Catherine McAuley.

18 Sep

Please Pray For:

Catherine Brophy, Dublin

Please pray for a cure through the intercession of Catherine McAuley for Catherine who has inoperable cancer of the esophagus.

13 Sep

Please Pray For:

Shane Michael Haley

Baby Shane's birth is expected some time around October 12. Early in the pregnancy his parents Jenna and Dan were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy because Shane had been diagnosed with anencephaly. Shane is their first baby. They chose to keep their baby and carry him to full term. We are praying that through Catherine's intercession a miracle will happen. Jenna and Dan are a beautiful young faith filled couple that have been making this limited 9 month journey a special time to spend with their baby since they know his life will be very limited to minutes, hours or days once he is born. Please join us in praying for this miracle. Thank you.

08 Sep

Please Pray For:

Eileen Bucher

Lord, we pray through the intercession of Catherine McAuley , for Eileen. Hold her gently in your loving care and love .

05 Sep

Please Pray For:


For complete recovery from surgery.

03 Sep

Please Pray For:

Sandra MacGregor

Holding Sandra in prayer for complete healing of motor neurone disease. Sandra, a young woman, is co-ordinator of programmes 'Pastoral Care in Ageing'

Michael Donnelly

Good health after an illness.

Di Simpson -Jones

Inoperable cancer

31 Aug

Please Pray For:

Sherry Bento

For healing in my body for a serious illness. Thank you and God Bless you!