Prayers Requested

27 Jul

Please Pray For:

Michael Gade

Dear God please give Mike and his family hope, faith, and the strength to handle the hardship they are struggling with daily Amen

26 Jul

Please Pray For:

Carol Brown

Carol has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. Carol and her daughter are graduates of Merion Mercy Academy. Please pray for a cure or for God's will.

22 Jul

Please Pray For:

Sebastian Moulton

Lord God we ask through, the intercession of Catherine Mc Auley, for healing for eight month old Sebastian who is suffering from some sort of brain disorder and faces brain surgery when he is twelve months old. Please comfort and support his anguished parents.

18 Jul

Please Pray For:

Liliane Downing

Please pray for my mother, who is suffering from early signs of dementia, that she has trust in those who want to help her, and for her safety.

16 Jul

Please Pray For:

Michael Sullivan

Through the intercession of Sister Catherine that Michael be restored to good health and well being.

13 Jul

Please Pray For:

Tony and Susie

Pray for the restoration of the marriage of Tony and Susie.

06 Jul

Please Pray For:

Judy Laffan

A 45 year old mother of two who lives in the US and has several inoperable brain tumours - the result of melanoma

19 Jun

Please Pray For:

Little Joseph Batty (aged 6 embarking on 10 years of growth hormone treatment)

Praying the 10 years of treatment will be successful for litte Joseph. May his family be rewarded with a good result.

10 Jun

Please Pray For:

Lorna Annette Chalmers

Please Pray for my sister who has endured surgery,chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer and is now anxiously waiting to find out if she is in remission. May the Holy Spirit give her Peace and the strength to accept what God has planned for her future. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

02 Jun

Please Pray For:


Dear Catherine. Please intercede for us and ask our Creator God to cure Steffi of her cancer. Please let the cancer cells which will appear in today's biopsy by the ones necessary for the implementation of the new, experimental treatment with Dr. Blum and please let this treatment be successful for her. She is a real little battler and will fight this and we will pay for it too. Please let it be successful for her to be restored to full health. Thank you.

27 May

Please Pray For:

Jackie Synnott

I pray for heaing of bronchiectasis/COPD and acid reflux disease with all the other sufferings I have been going through for years. I put my trust in God and I am a sinner. Amen

23 May

Please Pray For:

Mary Lou D'Andria

Dear Catherine, Mary Lou is so filled with an aggressive cancer doctors are struggling to find a cure for her. With your closeness to our blessed Lord, would you ask for his intercession on her behalf. She is a brave woman, a much-loved member of our parish choir, and is trying to keep a positive attitude through her own faith in God. Just as you encouraged your Mercy sisters, would you add your encouragement to hers at the feet of our loving God? Thank you.

19 May

Please Pray For:

Siobhan Hayek

Dear Catherine, my devotion to you and to your works of Mercy, have led me to ask for your prayers for our darling granddaughter Siobhan (16 3/4 years)who has been diagnosed with Scoliosis - we ask your prayers to our Loving God for the healing to full health of Siobhan - we come to you in complete confidence through Jesus Christ, Our Lord who inspired you to respond to the needs of the poor and sick and now inspires us to follow in your footsteps

16 May

Please Pray For:

Samantha M

Please pray for Samantha, a 21 year old with a long standing life threatening eating disorder. She does not believe in God. May our Lord heal her and help her to see Him on her own terms through his unfathomable mercy and direct divine intervention,

25 Apr

Please Pray For:

Diana Kidd and Mary Jo Vasquez & also for Barb, Cathy, Stephanie, Joyce & Faye & Schuyler

I ask Catherine that you intercede on behalf of the above persons & for a very special intention. Thank you.

24 Apr

Please Pray For:

Mary Singelin-zeppelin

We prayer for Mary, that God will be with her as she seeks a cure from terminal cancer.

23 Apr

Please Pray For:

successful knee surgery

Divine Father, please guide the hands of the surgeon during my knee surgery. Please let it be successful and let there be no complications. May my recovery be speedy - in God's name.

19 Apr

Please Pray For:

Sister Barbara Mary Marshall

WE ask you, God of Mercy, to embrace Barbara Mary in your healing love.

10 Apr

Please Pray For:

Lisa Eglar

We ask your healing mercy for Lisa, our God, who suffers from a debilitating disease.

Marlene Fosnight

We ask your, our God, to surround Marlene with your healing love and to cure her of MS and breast cancer.

02 Apr

Please Pray For:

Patricia Harrington, RSM

Dear Catherine McAuley, we come to you this day asking for your help. Please bring healing to our sister, Patricia, Moho suffers from a lung disease. She is a faithful daughter of Mercy for 57 years. Her desire is to continue to serve the young people of Bishop Feehan High School where she has served for 46 years. Amen.

Margaret Harrington

Dear Catherine, we the Harrington Family, ask you to intercede for our cousin, Peg, who is dealing with late stage breast cancer. Ask our God of Mercy through your intercession to heal her of this dreaded disease. Amen.

30 Mar

Please Pray For:

Adele Williams

Seriously ill

26 Mar

Please Pray For:


Our good God, wrap Anita in your healing love as she journeys with cancer.

24 Mar

Please Pray For:


we ask you, our healing God, to wrap Anne in your loving care as she deals with a recurrence of cancer.