Prayers Requested

20 Oct

Please Pray For:

Caden Kemmerer

Caden is seriously ill and needs a cure.

19 Oct

Please Pray For:

Sister Edward Mary Kelleher

God of Mercy, we ask you to wrap Sister Edward Mary Kelleher in your healing love.

14 Oct

Please Pray For:

Catherine Mackey

Catherine has been fighting breast cancer for several years. After a period of remission Cathy has complications from brain surgery.

13 Oct

Please Pray For:

Jennifer Popko

God of Mercy, we ask you to surround Jennifer with your healing love and to free her of cancer.

12 Oct

Please Pray For:

Madeline Swenson

For Madeline, who suffers with leukemia

Peter Kerschner

For Peter's well being

Bridget Holmes

Diagnosised with Triple Negative Breast Cancer - we pray for total recovery!

08 Oct

Please Pray For:


That she may be able to walk without a cane or walker, and use her legs normally!

30 Sep

Please Pray For:

Susan Madden

She is a mother of 2 small girls with a tumour behind her left eye, who will begin treatment soon. Let us pray for healing.

Selena Delahunty

Urgent prayers requested for Selena who has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Selena has aske that we intercede to Catherine on her behalf.

Joyce Njuguna

That she may experience God's healing. She has arthritis of the back that is severely affecting her walking.

26 Sep

Please Pray For:

Carol Maloney

Please intervene and procure a healing for Carol for the wound on her leg.

24 Sep

Please Pray For:

Pat Linnane rsm (Bathurst NSW)

Your prayers for Sister Pat please who is battling multiple ailments on this, her 63rd anniversary of entering the novitiate.

19 Sep

Please Pray For:

Bamarik Towney

For healing. She is 12 months old and has a brain tumour

15 Sep

Please Pray For:

Paige Scott (3 years old)

Healing from Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

10 Sep

Please Pray For:

Mary Elizabeth McConlogue Skorupa

Please pray that Mary Skorupa will have strength and persevere through her second chemotherapy treatment and that she will emerge full of health.

09 Sep

Please Pray For:

Christine Miller

For healing

02 Sep

Please Pray For:

Loretta Cappiello Curran

Mother of a 1 & 4 year old-cure from metastatic cancer-former Mercy Montessori teacher

12 Aug

Please Pray For:

Marilou Mercado

Healing from cancer

11 Aug

Please Pray For:

Cindy Williams

Please pray Cindy be cured of cancer. Please pray for her family's strength.

30 Jul

Please Pray For:

Pat Burns

Merciful God, we ask you, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley to wrap Pat and his family in your healing love as he copes with cancer.

Linda Scamuffa

Diagnosed with extensive cancer very suddenly with no symptoms until she had a bone break. A wonderful woman and friend of the Sisters of Mercy

15 Jul

Please Pray For:

Greg Fennessey

Please pray for my husband Greg Fennessey as he battles cancer and the emotional toll it is taking.

14 Jul

Please Pray For:

John Sweeney

Pray for healing and access to needed therapy.

11 Jul

Please Pray For:

Leo Cingolani

A speedy recovery from a serious illness