Prayers Requested

07 Jun

Please Pray For:

Paula Taylor

Loving God, through the intercession of Catherine we ask that you embrace Paula with your healing love as she seeks a cure for cancer,

06 Jun

Please Pray For:


Pray for Anne who has a serious heart condition

04 Jun

Please Pray For:

Julie Stolzberg

We pray that Julie be healed of cancer

Gertrude Lind

We pray that Gertrude be healed of cancer

03 Jun

Please Pray For:

Jane Baron

Through the intercession of Catherine, may Jane be restored to full health. Give her and her family the strength and courage to face tomorrow.

02 Jun

Please Pray For:

Isabel Eva Cannon

Dear God, Watch over Isabel as she fights for her life as a new born baby weighting 1lb 8 oz. We love her so.

25 May

Please Pray For:

Eoghan McGrath

Please pray for Eoghan McGrath 43 year old father of 4 young children diagnosed with Leukemia. Through the intercession of Catherine McAuley may he be restored to health. May God give him his wife and family the grace and courage they need at this time.

23 May

Please Pray For:

Baby Payton Riley just born with multiple holes in her heart and brain not fully formed.

We pray that through Catherine's intercession God will heal Baby Payton. If this is not possible we pray for strength for all who love her.

20 May

Please Pray For:

Tricia Stampfli

For absolute remission of triple negative breast cancer that has spread to other areas of her body.

15 May

Please Pray For:


who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is awaiting surgery and other unknown treatment.

13 May

Please Pray For:


Please pray for John whilst he undergoes treatment for cancer.

12 May

Please Pray For:

Cavan Fazzini

Please pray for four year old Cavan Fazzini just diagnosed with Leukemia

07 May

Please Pray For:


Linda is an Irish mother living in Australia, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her family has asked that we pray for her recovery.

Thomas Riccio

For the shrinking of his tumors and healing of Thomas Riccio in his battle against his cancer. Please pray for a miracle for him to get well.

05 May

Please Pray For:

Adam Reinhard

Our God, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, we pray for healing for Adam Reinhard, who suffers with a rare form of cancer.

21 Apr

Please Pray For:

Brother Austin Coleman SSS

Loving God, we ask that, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, you heal Brother Austin of cancer and return him to fullness of health.

16 Apr

Please Pray For:

Robyn Bland

Healing for cancer

Brian Clarke

Young father on life support.

15 Apr

Please Pray For:

Peter O'Reilly

That Peter may be healed of a chronic illness of his liver.

Baby Ned Perry

Little Ned will undergo major brain surgery in May relating to a form of epilepsy which does not respond to medication.

14 Apr

Please Pray For:

Bessy and Kitty

For healing

Joice Brogan

She is suffering from terminal cancer

Yvonne Rice Hylton and family


13 Apr

Please Pray For:

Thomas Jones

Please pray for healing and peace for my Father.

12 Apr

Please Pray For:

Barbara S