Prayers Requested

20 Aug

Please Pray For:

Gwen, age one

Please pray for Gwen, age one, who clings to life in an induced coma after nearly drowning.

17 Aug

Please Pray For:

Sr. Jean Marie Hobbs RSM

A cure of my sister's brain cancer which is aggressive, a devoted Sister of Mercy for 64 years, teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas in Baltimore Maryland.

29 Jul

Please Pray For:

Kate Fritz

For healing

18 Jul

Please Pray For:

Patsy McDonald

for peace of mind and healing and a happy death

15 Jul

Please Pray For:

Joseph Burkhardt

Joe is a quadriplegic. We pray for his healing

13 Jul

Please Pray For:


Alfredo is in coma. He has bone cancer and heart problem and pneumonia.

10 Jul

Please Pray For:

Father David Hutton

A much loved Parish Priest who is fighting cancer for the fourth time. This time it is an aggressive facial cancer that grows daily.

06 Jul

Please Pray For:

Gerard Corcoran

For healing. Gerard has suffered a stroke

Olan Hanrahan

For healing

Neil Shanahan

For healing

03 Jul

Please Pray For:

Charlie McNamee

Charlie is 5 years old and has terminal cancer.

29 Jun

Please Pray For:

Christine Chisolm

Prayers are needed for a very dedicated nurse who has fought cancer bravely for several years.

23 Jun

Please Pray For:

Sharon Fenech

Sharon has a serious brain tumour and is very ill. Please pray for her healing.

Angela Moroney rsm

Lord through the intercession of Venerable Catherine grant to Angela a complete recovery.

22 Jun

Please Pray For:

Ed Tico

A father of one child who has a very aggressive cancer that has no cure at this time.

18 Jun

Please Pray For:

John Bucki

Please pray for a cure of Stage 4 lung cancer which has metasticized to the bone.

08 Jun

Please Pray For:

Nadine A MeGee

That I could enjoy a little relief from the pain of Fibromylagia. And also a little energy would help. Whatever God's will .

02 Jun

Please Pray For:

Sr.Anne Kelly RSM

Our prayer for Sr.Anne Kelly RSM who has leukemia is for her health, strength and perseverance as she journeys with this disease.

01 Jun

Please Pray For:

Victoria Porterfield

May Vickie be freed of her new cancer without extensive chemo and radiation, so that she can continue to care for her mother.

25 May

Please Pray For:

Ronald Cosentino

Ronald Cosentino lost his son to cancer. Please ask the Sisters to pray that the pain and suffering of this Dad will lead him closer to Christ.

15 May

Please Pray For:

Alicia Reynolds

Suffering from EDS. It is a crippling disease

Will Hamill

In his last stages of large brain tumors

11 May

Please Pray For:

Mathew Hawkins

We pray for healing of a serious Back Injury for Mathew Hawkins through the intercession of our Foundress Catherine McAuley

03 May

Please Pray For:

Hannah Gerloff Riley

At the request of her dear Mother, Barbara, a miracle is needed for Hannah who is a young woman with advanced cancer

Helen Mulholland

Healing God, we pray, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that Helen may be cured from the return of cancer.