Prayers Requested

16 May

Please Pray For:

Samantha M

Please pray for Samantha, a 21 year old with a long standing life threatening eating disorder. She does not believe in God. May our Lord heal her and help her to see Him on her own terms through his unfathomable mercy and direct divine intervention,

25 Apr

Please Pray For:

Diana Kidd and Mary Jo Vasquez & also for Barb, Cathy, Stephanie, Joyce & Faye & Schuyler

I ask Catherine that you intercede on behalf of the above persons & for a very special intention. Thank you.

24 Apr

Please Pray For:

Mary Singelin-zeppelin

We prayer for Mary, that God will be with her as she seeks a cure from terminal cancer.

23 Apr

Please Pray For:

successful knee surgery

Divine Father, please guide the hands of the surgeon during my knee surgery. Please let it be successful and let there be no complications. May my recovery be speedy - in God's name.

19 Apr

Please Pray For:

Sister Barbara Mary Marshall

WE ask you, God of Mercy, to embrace Barbara Mary in your healing love.

10 Apr

Please Pray For:

Lisa Eglar

We ask your healing mercy for Lisa, our God, who suffers from a debilitating disease.

Marlene Fosnight

We ask your, our God, to surround Marlene with your healing love and to cure her of MS and breast cancer.

02 Apr

Please Pray For:

Patricia Harrington, RSM

Dear Catherine McAuley, we come to you this day asking for your help. Please bring healing to our sister, Patricia, Moho suffers from a lung disease. She is a faithful daughter of Mercy for 57 years. Her desire is to continue to serve the young people of Bishop Feehan High School where she has served for 46 years. Amen.

Margaret Harrington

Dear Catherine, we the Harrington Family, ask you to intercede for our cousin, Peg, who is dealing with late stage breast cancer. Ask our God of Mercy through your intercession to heal her of this dreaded disease. Amen.

30 Mar

Please Pray For:

Adele Williams

Seriously ill

26 Mar

Please Pray For:


Our good God, wrap Anita in your healing love as she journeys with cancer.

24 Mar

Please Pray For:


we ask you, our healing God, to wrap Anne in your loving care as she deals with a recurrence of cancer.

22 Mar

Please Pray For:

Damian Corbett

Awaiting a kidney donor

13 Mar

Please Pray For:

Wal Payne, Sydney, Australia

My cousin Wal is suffering from lung cancer, which is considered to be terminal. I pray for his return to health, through the prayer and intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley.

12 Mar

Please Pray For:

Tammy S

that she is able to accept and live a normal life with her disorder "Gastroparesis". That she gets help for the extreme depression she feels and the feeling of hopelessness. That she will find a new employer when the time comes who will understand her sickness and work with her on the bad days.

03 Mar

Please Pray For:

Dennis Hintgen

Healing God, we place Dennis, who suffers from leukemia and lymphoma, in your loving care.

28 Feb

Please Pray For:

Virginia S. Mejia

She is very sick in the hospital now,please pray for her recovery.Thank you.

16 Feb

Please Pray For:

Pat He is very inspiring in how he is coping.

Please continue to pray for Pat as he journeys through chemotherapy.

13 Feb

Please Pray For:

Sister Canice Johnson, RSM

Seeking healing from cancer for our Sister Canice, we come before the God of Mercy in urgent prayer. Through Catherine McAuley's intercession, may the loving God whom Catherine knew & served so well grant remission of Sr. Canice's illness, and give her many more years of service to the people of Detroit. We ask this favor with great trust & hope. Amen.

Dotty Morton

We open our hearts to the healing Presence in all the Universe as we hold our dear friend, Dotty in light and love.

07 Feb

Please Pray For:

Holly Conway

Holly has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.She is very ill.Please pray for the doctors as they try to restore her to a good life. She is 23 years old. Pa pray for Holly and her parents during these difficuly days. Thank yout

02 Feb

Please Pray For:


We ask healing for Blake who suffers from addiction.

Judy Hegarty

Merciful God, we ask the gift of healing for Judy Hegarty who is suffering with cancer.

30 Jan

Please Pray For:

Lisa B.

God Of Love And Mercy, You Inspired Catherine McAuley, To Serve Your Son By Responding To The Needs Of Her Time. Moved By Her Care For The Sick, We Ask That Through Her Prayers You Reach Out With Your Healing Love And Restore [insert name] To Full Health We Ask This In Complete Confidence Through Jesus Christ, Your Son

28 Jan

Please Pray For:

Merdith Williams

Young women diagnosed with pancreatic cancer