Prayers Requested

14 Nov

Please Pray For:


For healing

Felix McCartan

For healing

09 Nov

Please Pray For:

Doug MacCallum

Merciful God, we ask, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that Doug be healed from cancer.

08 Nov

Please Pray For:

Derek McDonnell

Derek has advanced Parkinsons, and is waiting for a medical procedure in a London hospital. Derek is married with three young children


Please pray for a positive outcome for a complicated heart condition that requires surgery.

Bonnie and Lynne

For strength and positivity as they deal with serious cancers.

Robert Martinazzi

Loving God, we pray for Robert, who is suffering with cancer, and for his family.

01 Nov

Please Pray For:


Stacy is only 46 years old and is battling a rare bile duct/liver cancer. Please pray for her healing and for her family, especially her sister, Jane


Colleen's cancer has metastasized to her brain. Please pray for her healing and for her family.

30 Oct

Please Pray For:


Healing from addiction and physical,mental,emotional,spiritual, and relatonal anguish.


Healing from physical, mental, and emotional illness.

29 Oct

Please Pray For:


Joe has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Please pray for healing.

25 Oct

Please Pray For:

Jose Sanchez

Please pray for Jose and his family as he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Vincent Kilburg

Vincent Kilburg dealing with cancer returning.

23 Oct

Please Pray For:


For health and healing from his surgery and the infection.

20 Oct

Please Pray For:


Christiana is from Nigeria and has suffered a work related injury which has left her in chronic pain and unable to work fulltime. She has 2 young boys

14 Oct

Please Pray For:

Joe England

Joe is undergoing test for spreading cancer. Please pray for a good diagnosis and prognosis for this good man.

04 Oct

Please Pray For:

Theo Malone

Please pray for 2months old Theo who is having seizures. Please pray too for his parents, Holly & Simon.

03 Oct

Please Pray For:

Kathleen Bradley Smith

Please pray for Kathleen Bradley Smith for a cure from pancreatic cancer.

28 Sep

Please Pray For:

Peter O Reilly

Undergoing a liver transplant operation 27th. September.

27 Sep

Please Pray For:

Diane Love

Diane Love is being treated for terminal cancer. We pray to Catherine for God's blessing of healing and peace.

17 Sep

Please Pray For:

Siobhan Cleary

For healing

14 Sep

Please Pray For:

Rachelle Harper

For healing

07 Sep

Please Pray For:

Frank Bondy Jr.

Please pray for him as he fights cancer; for his strength, for hope, and for continued faith.

03 Sep

Please Pray For:

Niamh Flanagan

For healing