Prayers Requested

05 Sep

Please Pray For:


For complete recovery from surgery.

03 Sep

Please Pray For:

Sandra MacGregor

Holding Sandra in prayer for complete healing of motor neurone disease. Sandra, a young woman, is co-ordinator of programmes 'Pastoral Care in Ageing'

Michael Donnelly

Good health after an illness.

Di Simpson -Jones

Inoperable cancer

31 Aug

Please Pray For:

Sherry Bento

For healing in my body for a serious illness. Thank you and God Bless you!

Cesar Lozano

Lord ,please have mercy on my brother and save him from a life or such horrific suffering.

26 Aug

Please Pray For:

Kath Murphy

For God's presence and healing as she begins treatment for cancer.

21 Aug

Please Pray For:

Brian Stefan

Please pray for our dear brother Brian Stefan , who was just diagnosed with teminal cancer. Let us pray that Jesus and St Peregrine will cure this cancer that is ravaging his body. Also please pray for his wife Colleen and their children, Matthew and Sarah. Let us pray for courage, hope, strength, and compassion for them at this difficult time, in Jesus name AMEN

Millie MacLean

Dear Venerable Catherine McAuley please pray for Millie who is just at the start of her life finishing school at the end of the next school year. She has had all the treatment she can have for her cancer and it is back and apparently there is no hope. Please ask Jesus to have mercy on her, her parents, family and friends who all love her so much and are so distraught. Jesus can heal her if it is his will, remember the woman who touched the fringe of his garment and was healed and so many others. Dear Catherine please pray for this lovely girl and may the miracle of a cure for her life give God glory and be a shining beacon of hope for all who despair and need God's mercy. May a total cure for Millie hasten the recognition of your sanctity on earth. Thank you for interceding on Millie and her family's behalf.

20 Aug

Please Pray For:

Marianne Payne

Our God, we ask you to hold Marianne in your loving care and, through the intercession of Catherine, to cure her of breast cancer.

18 Aug

Please Pray For:

Patrick Miller

Loving God, we pray, through Catherine's interession, for healing for Patrick who is paralyzed as the result of a broken spine.

13 Aug

Please Pray For:

Matthew Anzeida

WE pray for healing for a young father, Matthew Anzeida, who suffers with liver caner.

Rebecca Mueller

God, we ask you to surround with your healing love Rebecca Mueller who is suffering a relapse of leukemia.

Andrea Decker

For a cure in Breast Cancer

08 Aug

Please Pray For:

Jeannette Elizabeth

For healing of her back

03 Aug

Please Pray For:

Colm Donnellan

Please pray to Catherine McAuley for Colm that his sight in his left eye will be restored. He is only 24 years and has had 3 operations for detached retina in the last month.

01 Aug

Please Pray For:

Miss. Tomasello

Give us the miracle of health

31 Jul

Please Pray For:

Kathleen McCabe and Linda Lester

Please pray that God's healing power will bless these two women who have been undergoing treatment for cancer.

30 Jul

Please Pray For:


I pray for a speedy recovery from a wound infection following knee replacement surgery.

my daughter Brigid

please help Brigid deal with marital discord

27 Jul

Please Pray For:


Keith has lung cancer which spread to his lymph nodes. although he completed chemo and radiation , the treatments caused infections , he needs to go for another scan at the end of this year and his cough and bronchitis is gone worse. Please pray for complete healing and restoration and pray that Keith lives a very long long life..

Michael Gade

Dear God please give Mike and his family hope, faith, and the strength to handle the hardship they are struggling with daily Amen

26 Jul

Please Pray For:

Carol Brown

Carol has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. Carol and her daughter are graduates of Merion Mercy Academy. Please pray for a cure or for God's will.

22 Jul

Please Pray For:

Sebastian Moulton

Lord God we ask through, the intercession of Catherine Mc Auley, for healing for eight month old Sebastian who is suffering from some sort of brain disorder and faces brain surgery when he is twelve months old. Please comfort and support his anguished parents.

18 Jul

Please Pray For:

Liliane Downing

Please pray for my mother, who is suffering from early signs of dementia, that she has trust in those who want to help her, and for her safety.