Prayers Requested

11 Feb

Please Pray For:

Baby Sadhbh Browne - 6 weeks old

Baby Sadhbh/ serious liver problem/ doctors are giving her no hope.

Imelda Stewart

We pray that Imelda will be healed of her depressed state, and other ailments that are afflicting her.

10 Feb

Please Pray For:

Madeleine Laks

Madeline is a young girl wjo lives in San Diego, California She is blind, deaf and dumb and paralysed. Madeline's aunts and some uncles were educated by Sisters of Mercy. Her granny Rose was also educated by Sisters of Mercy please pray to your foundress for her to be restored to life

09 Feb

Please Pray For:

John Sweeney

John has suffered a spinal cord injury. We are praying for the cure of paralysis.

Linda Lesser

Linda is being treated for brain and lung cancer

07 Feb

Please Pray For:

Baby Eliza

Please pray for my 8 week old granddaughter who has just been diagnosed with an inherited hip disability.

06 Feb

Please Pray For:

Wiliam Walsh

Surgery on his back on February 10th

05 Feb

Please Pray For:

Me and Family

I need many graces and miracles.I hope deliver soon from my problems in economic,finance.Remember me always in your every first Friday Mass

04 Feb

Please Pray For:

Thomas Murphy

Success of brain surgery

03 Feb

Please Pray For:

John Mc Carthy

we pray through Catherine's intercession for the full recovery of John

02 Feb

Please Pray For:

James Mc Laughlin


22 Jan

Please Pray For:

Sr. Jane O'Donnell

Serious ear implant surgery

05 Jan

Please Pray For:

Amanda and her mother

Through Catherine's intercession, we pray for Amanda and her mother, both of whom suffer with cancer.

24 Dec

Please Pray For:

Birney Pease

God of Mercy, we ask, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that you t embrace Birney in your healing love.

20 Dec

Please Pray For:

Sandra, Monica, and John

three children with health problems and their Mother asked for prayers

17 Dec

Please Pray For:

Caroline and Peter Moore

Both have cancer and have asked for prayers through Catherine

Michelle horan

That Michelle will receive a new kidney very soon so that her failing health will end.

15 Dec

Please Pray For:

Emer Clancy


Aileen O'Doherty


Shirley Magnusson

Through Catherine's intercession, for a return to full health.

08 Dec

Please Pray For:

MIcharel Gerard Kennelly

Restoration to full health

Cora Harper (one year old)


Barbara Anne Smith

She had a serious fall at home and is now a paraplegic. We are hopeful that the therapy she is receiving can help restore at least the use of her arms.

05 Dec

Please Pray For:

Mary Ann Walsh, RSM

Please pray for Mary Ann. She has just started chemotherapy.

03 Dec

Please Pray For:

Sam G.

Please pray for Sam. He is an artist and having problems with his eyes.