Prayers Requested

13 Jan

Please Pray For:

Lori Going Mendler

She is a young mother with a second bout of cancer.

12 Jan

Please Pray For:

Brittany Tapia

We ask Catherine to health Brittany who is experiencing a recurrence of cancer.

08 Jan

Please Pray For:

Michaela Halpin

Please pray for my daughter, Michaela has been extremely ill with the effects of Lyme Disease and associated co- infections and debilitated 9 months.

23 Dec

Please Pray For:

Eduardo De Crescenzo

Catherine McAuley, Please heal Eduardo from his illness UCD, please heal his brain and restore him back to full health, to his full self. Amen.

15 Dec

Please Pray For:


She needs multiple help, from here and heaven-special needs, anxiety, internal issues that are undiagnosed.

06 Dec

Please Pray For:

Martin Murphy

Please pray for Martin Murphy who has been diagnosed with cancer. Please let Catherine and Our Lady of Mercy place her healing hands upon him

29 Nov

Please Pray For:

Kathleen Waytowich

A young mother and wife who is dealing with lymphoma

25 Nov

Please Pray For:

Virginia McGrath


Michael Mullins

Battling cancer for the second time

19 Nov

Please Pray For:

Andrew Carlton

Complete healing for 21 year old severely injured in car accident 6 yrs. ago. In a nearly vegetative state since then.

Anne Elizabeth Kennelly,


08 Nov

Please Pray For:

Marie Chin rsm

God of Mercy, we ask you to wrap Marie in your healing love and, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, restore her to perfect health.

04 Nov

Please Pray For:

Barbara Bailey

Suffering with cancer to most parts of her body and is not responding very well to chemotherapy. She is also very low in spirit.

Eileen Simons

I am praying for my Mum who is sick and in need of healing. Has been sick for many months.

John Phillips

Healing from tumor on spine, possible metastasis.

29 Oct

Please Pray For:

Mary Drake

That she may walk and speak again.

20 Oct

Please Pray For:

Caden Kemmerer

Caden is seriously ill and needs a cure.

19 Oct

Please Pray For:

Sister Edward Mary Kelleher

God of Mercy, we ask you to wrap Sister Edward Mary Kelleher in your healing love.

14 Oct

Please Pray For:

Catherine Mackey

Catherine has been fighting breast cancer for several years. After a period of remission Cathy has complications from brain surgery.

13 Oct

Please Pray For:

Jennifer Popko

God of Mercy, we ask you to surround Jennifer with your healing love and to free her of cancer.

12 Oct

Please Pray For:

Madeline Swenson

For Madeline, who suffers with leukemia

Peter Kerschner

For Peter's well being

Bridget Holmes

Diagnosised with Triple Negative Breast Cancer - we pray for total recovery!

08 Oct

Please Pray For:


That she may be able to walk without a cane or walker, and use her legs normally!

30 Sep

Please Pray For:

Susan Madden

She is a mother of 2 small girls with a tumour behind her left eye, who will begin treatment soon. Let us pray for healing.