Prayers Requested

21 Mar

Please Pray For:

Eileen Flanagan

Diagnosed with Amyloidosis and on dialysis

20 Mar

Please Pray For:

Anabelle Jones

Healing for a twelve year old girl who has cancer

15 Mar

Please Pray For:

Marie and Denis O Malley

Please pray for Marie and Denis who both have cancer.

13 Mar

Please Pray For:

John Elsner

Healing for John just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

11 Mar

Please Pray For:

Sister Mary Kelly

That she may be freed of Cancer

05 Mar

Please Pray For:

Peter O'Reilly

He has a chronic condition

Sister Fintan, David Feely, and Jim Gase

For recovery from serious illness

Zeke Ortiz

Who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for complete healing and for good health so he can continue his good works for the People of God.

03 Mar

Please Pray For:

Dan and Mary Holohan

Please pray for Dan and Mary as Dan battles with lung cancer. We pray that he will live each day to its fullest.

26 Feb

Please Pray For:

Sadhbh Browne

A baby who is critically ill with a serious liver problem.

25 Feb

Please Pray For:

Please pray for Brendan Forde and Dympna Gill.

Both suffering from cancer.

Paul O'Brien

Paul has prostate cancer with possible secondaries. Please pray for his renewed health and successful surgery for a hip replacement on the 9th March

Linda Bicich

Please pray for Linda, who is fighting cancer, and her family and friends.

Denise Morrissey

Denise has suffered from seizures since she was 7yrs old she is now 25 the seizures continue at times several grand mall . . .

19 Feb

Please Pray For:

John Schlegel SJ

Please pray for the best decisions for his pancreatic cancer and how he will move forward with life decisions.

13 Feb

Please Pray For:

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Bishop Geoffrey has cancer and we pray through Catherine for him.

12 Feb

Please Pray For:

Rosemary Carlson

Prayers for Rosemary Carlson who will have thyroid cancer surgery on Feb.24th.

Mairead Granahan

I pray that Mairead 's ability to walk and talk will be restored; and that the cause of her illness will be diagnosed soon.

Rae Geaney

Successful Cardiac Surgery. Bless and Guide her Doctors, give skill to their Hands, clear vision to their Eyes, Kindness and sympathy to their Hearts

11 Feb

Please Pray For:

Baby Sadhbh Browne - 6 weeks old

Baby Sadhbh/ serious liver problem/ doctors are giving her no hope.

Imelda Stewart

We pray that Imelda will be healed of her depressed state, and other ailments that are afflicting her.

10 Feb

Please Pray For:

Madeleine Laks

Madeline is a young girl wjo lives in San Diego, California She is blind, deaf and dumb and paralysed. Madeline's aunts and some uncles were educated by Sisters of Mercy. Her granny Rose was also educated by Sisters of Mercy please pray to your foundress for her to be restored to life

09 Feb

Please Pray For:

John Sweeney

John has suffered a spinal cord injury. We are praying for the cure of paralysis.

Linda Lesser

Linda is being treated for brain and lung cancer

07 Feb

Please Pray For:

Baby Eliza

Please pray for my 8 week old granddaughter who has just been diagnosed with an inherited hip disability.