Prayers Requested

13 Feb

Please Pray For:

Sister Canice Johnson, RSM

Seeking healing from cancer for our Sister Canice, we come before the God of Mercy in urgent prayer. Through Catherine McAuley's intercession, may the loving God whom Catherine knew & served so well grant remission of Sr. Canice's illness, and give her many more years of service to the people of Detroit. We ask this favor with great trust & hope. Amen.

Dotty Morton

We open our hearts to the healing Presence in all the Universe as we hold our dear friend, Dotty in light and love.

07 Feb

Please Pray For:

Holly Conway

Holly has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.She is very ill.Please pray for the doctors as they try to restore her to a good life. She is 23 years old. Pa pray for Holly and her parents during these difficuly days. Thank yout

02 Feb

Please Pray For:


We ask healing for Blake who suffers from addiction.

Judy Hegarty

Merciful God, we ask the gift of healing for Judy Hegarty who is suffering with cancer.

30 Jan

Please Pray For:

Lisa B.

God Of Love And Mercy, You Inspired Catherine McAuley, To Serve Your Son By Responding To The Needs Of Her Time. Moved By Her Care For The Sick, We Ask That Through Her Prayers You Reach Out With Your Healing Love And Restore [insert name] To Full Health We Ask This In Complete Confidence Through Jesus Christ, Your Son

28 Jan

Please Pray For:

Merdith Williams

Young women diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Michael Wilson

Young RN seriously ill with cancer

25 Jan

Please Pray For:


Lord bless Pat at this time of illness

24 Jan

Please Pray For:

Rosie O'Connell

Dear Mother, Please touch Rosie with your healing power and interceed to Jesus for her. Rosie has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is a young woman with three lovely boys and a great husband. They are all heartbroken as everyone is about this terrible news. Rosie is to have more chemo to buy her more time. Mother please care for Rosie, we are praying for a miracle! Thank you!

22 Jan

Please Pray For:


Please, pray that Ivetta will be protected with her children from danger and the enemy, his traps, and God will mercifully show her the solution out of the abusive situation, will guide her and open the door for a better life and send her help also through people. She is in need of an income and improvement of the family financial situation. Thanks

Joseph Kelly Tran and his parents

that his heart may continue to heal and his developmental issues be few...

17 Jan

Please Pray For:


Lord, I pray for peace for Pat as she awaits a diagnosis.

04 Jan

Please Pray For:

All single people

Please keep the single & lonely people in your prayers & if it be the will of the Holy Family - they find a partner in life - let this happen sooner rather than later & bring fulfilment & contentment Please pray for Sara Breda Robyn & Sacha Thank you

Maurice & Robin O'Carroll

Please send your healing & strength to both Maurice & Robin Catherine - they need this at this moment in time Thank you


Please keep Mark close in prayer & send healing to him for removal of the blockage in his intestine & the anxiety this iscsusing him & those close to him.

02 Jan

Please Pray For:

Gunnar Grymm

Through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley, we ask for healing of proximidal focal femur dysplasia for 2 month old Gunner.

18 Dec

Please Pray For:

Sister Jean Marsden, LCM

Dear Lord, Please continue to bestow YOUR almight healing on my dear aunt who is critically ill; please give her comfort and your continued blessings for a renewed healthy body, mind and spiri t. Your dear servant has given her life to the care of others who are ill and near YOUR name I ask of this to YOU tonight....

14 Dec

Please Pray For:

Henry Jenkins

Loving God, we pray, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that you will heal Henry of the brain cancer froom which he suffers.

Ellen Gunnell

Healing God, we ask that, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, you cure Ellen who is seriously ill.

07 Dec

Please Pray For:

those continuing to work for her beatification and work of Careful Nursing.

"God of Love and Mercy, You inspired Venerable Catherine McAuley to serve your Son by responding to the needs of her time. Moved by her care for the sid, we ask that through her prayers You grant canonization and advancement of Careful Nursing. We ask this in compelete confidence through Jesus Christ, Your Son. Amen

05 Dec

Please Pray For:

Michael Claire and Family

Pray for Michael who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray also for his family at this difficult time.

29 Nov

Please Pray For:

Brian Sullivan

Health concerns

20 Nov

Please Pray For:

Mary Skorupa

Please pray for Mary, who was diagnosed with cancer, that her surgery on Friday goes well and please give her and her family the strength to get through the months ahead. Please give her grace that she might heal and be rid of the disease.

14 Nov

Please Pray For:

Helen Howard