Prayers Requested

17 Jan

Please Pray For:


Lord, I pray for peace for Pat as she awaits a diagnosis.

04 Jan

Please Pray For:

All single people

Please keep the single & lonely people in your prayers & if it be the will of the Holy Family - they find a partner in life - let this happen sooner rather than later & bring fulfilment & contentment Please pray for Sara Breda Robyn & Sacha Thank you

Maurice & Robin O'Carroll

Please send your healing & strength to both Maurice & Robin Catherine - they need this at this moment in time Thank you


Please keep Mark close in prayer & send healing to him for removal of the blockage in his intestine & the anxiety this iscsusing him & those close to him.

02 Jan

Please Pray For:

Gunnar Grymm

Through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley, we ask for healing of proximidal focal femur dysplasia for 2 month old Gunner.

18 Dec

Please Pray For:

Sister Jean Marsden, LCM

Dear Lord, Please continue to bestow YOUR almight healing on my dear aunt who is critically ill; please give her comfort and your continued blessings for a renewed healthy body, mind and spiri t. Your dear servant has given her life to the care of others who are ill and near YOUR name I ask of this to YOU tonight....

14 Dec

Please Pray For:

Henry Jenkins

Loving God, we pray, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that you will heal Henry of the brain cancer froom which he suffers.

Ellen Gunnell

Healing God, we ask that, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, you cure Ellen who is seriously ill.

07 Dec

Please Pray For:

those continuing to work for her beatification and work of Careful Nursing.

"God of Love and Mercy, You inspired Venerable Catherine McAuley to serve your Son by responding to the needs of her time. Moved by her care for the sid, we ask that through her prayers You grant canonization and advancement of Careful Nursing. We ask this in compelete confidence through Jesus Christ, Your Son. Amen

05 Dec

Please Pray For:

Michael Claire and Family

Pray for Michael who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray also for his family at this difficult time.

29 Nov

Please Pray For:

Brian Sullivan

Health concerns

20 Nov

Please Pray For:

Mary Skorupa

Please pray for Mary, who was diagnosed with cancer, that her surgery on Friday goes well and please give her and her family the strength to get through the months ahead. Please give her grace that she might heal and be rid of the disease.

18 Nov

Please Pray For:

James Roe

Recurrence of Leukemia

14 Nov

Please Pray For:

Helen Howard


Margaret Mulligan Mahoney

Please pray for Margaret from Sea Isle City, NJ, who is recovering from serious heart surgery. .

13 Nov

Please Pray For:

Elena & Diane

Dearest Catherine, in the name of Jesus, through you, please make my two sisters' lives easier. Elena is suffering with Parkinson's disease & my sister Diane is in her own world with Alzheimer's disease. Please help each of them be prepared for their eventual union with you and all the other saints & the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Dan Carlton

Dearest Sisters. Please pray for me as I prepare to go and have my knee (right knee) replacement operation in two weeks time. It is on 26th November at St Saviour's hospital in Hythe, Kent - UK.. I had a heart bypass eighteen years ago and Jesus who I love with all my heart watched over me with His amazing peace and I want the same testimony of God's care and protection over my mind and heart. I am sixty one years old and have known the Lord as my own dear personal Saviour for almost forty years. My Mummy was Spanish and I grew up in the Catholic traditions in London and enjoyed the fellowship and love of the Sisters that resided in Holland Park, but only really entered into the joy of the Lord when I became twenty four years old. Thank you dear beloved Sisters in Christ. All my love in Jesus. Dan Carlton. xxx

Mercy Associate Rosamond

Who is not well. Much prayer is required as Rosamond was not well in 2005 and now she is again not well. Let us pray that Rose who has done so much as an InnerWheeler as a Leading Family Life Commissioner within our church mentoring to Single Parent Mothers and helping to support various initiatives by her daughters Associates--Lise- in the United Kingdom and Rosemarie in Guyana. That by God's grace the best physicians will be provided to help her mend and become strong. Thank you Mercy Associate--Clare Manhart, RSM Grouping--Lise and Rosemarie-1993- Mercy Hospital Grouping Rosamond--Sister Koskta--Pere St Convent Grouping-1995

10 Nov

Please Pray For:

Ann Monaghan

Pray for Ann who is ill at the moment

07 Nov

Please Pray For:


Dear Mary please keep us safe and help us with our finances....we are such tired exhausted people...please help us

Jan Cummings

Lord, Through the intercession of Catherine, may Jan be restored to health. Hold her gently in your loving care. .amen


Thriugh thr intercession of Catherine we pray that Seamas will be restored to good health and wellbeing.


Healoing God, we ask, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that Debbie be cured from Stage 4 breast cancer.

01 Nov

Please Pray For:

Vianney Hatton SSS

24 Oct

Please Pray For:

Bob Acton, Carmen Dizon, Sister Mary Paz Aribon, OP. Maria Lourdes Casillano, Min Aly'o, Mercy Hugo

Loving God, keep all of the above in your healing care.