Prayers Requested

17 Dec

Please Pray For:

Caroline and Peter Moore

Both have cancer and have asked for prayers through Catherine

Michelle horan

That Michelle will receive a new kidney very soon so that her failing health will end.

15 Dec

Please Pray For:

Emer Clancy


Aileen O'Doherty


Shirley Magnusson

Through Catherine's intercession, for a return to full health.

08 Dec

Please Pray For:

MIcharel Gerard Kennelly

Restoration to full health

Cora Harper (one year old)


Barbara Anne Smith

She had a serious fall at home and is now a paraplegic. We are hopeful that the therapy she is receiving can help restore at least the use of her arms.

05 Dec

Please Pray For:

Mary Ann Walsh, RSM

Please pray for Mary Ann. She has just started chemotherapy.

03 Dec

Please Pray For:

Sam G.

Please pray for Sam. He is an artist and having problems with his eyes.

02 Dec

Please Pray For:

Madonna Durdle

Loving God, we ask, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, that you surround Madonna, who suffers with a brain tumor, with your healing love.

27 Nov

Please Pray For:

Clara Virginia Kelly, RSM

Please pray for healing for Sister Clara Virginia Kelly, RSM who is diagnosed with a brain tumor which has affected her speech and her right side.

26 Nov

Please Pray For:

Kevin Heffernan

My brother-in-law is sick with cancer. We pray for his recovery.

Rita Chittal

I am requesting prayers for healing of a tumour in gallbladder and another adjacent in liver. I have been healed twice before from a lymphoma four years ago, and breast cancer two years. Since then I have been in the best of health until this sudden attack. I pray that God will grant me a recovery this time, and that it is merely a test of my strength, physically and spiritually.

24 Nov

Please Pray For:

Rita Chittal, 321 Southside Road, St. John's, NL. A1E 1A1 Canada

This is a request for prayers from the Sisters of Mercy for treatment and healing of a tumour in gallbladder and another adjacent in liver.

23 Nov

Please Pray For:

antonella and gilberta

I beg you to pray for us, we ask our physical healing, we implore God to answer our prayers, physical pain is really great. Thanks.

20 Nov

Please Pray For:

Gina Iatauro and family

Freedom from cancer for a 31 year-old mother of two young children.

19 Nov

Please Pray For:

Sean Maguire and his family

Please pray for Sean who is having treatment that he will experience peace and healing. Pray for all his family and friends at this time.

Raymond Majella (Rae) Geaney

Dear God, through the intercession of Venerable Catherine McAuley we earnestly pray for successful Heart Surgery for Rae and the graces she needs.

18 Nov

Please Pray For:

Margaret Considine; Lex Spehr

Serious illness

12 Nov

Please Pray For:

Dr. Robert Saylor

Dr. Saylor, a nephrologist ans ethicist at Mercy, Springfield, Missouri, has been diagnosed with serious brain tumor.

11 Nov

Please Pray For:

Ellie aged 12 her brother Cameron aged 18 - Ellie has terminal cancer; Cameron has bowel cancer

We pray for a miracle for Ellie the doctors have given up on her and a cure for her brother - the parents are devastated as they have only 2 children

Daragh, Patrick and Brian, Kevin Lowther, Fionbar


28 Oct

Please Pray For:

The safety of those volunteers who are dealing with the Ebola Crisis

All volunteers and in particular Dr Geraldine O Hara (my niece) who is currently working in Sierra Leone

24 Oct

Please Pray For:

Mary Ann Walsh, RSM

Please pray for a cure, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley, for Mary Ann who has cancer a recurrence of cancer.