Prayers Requested

09 Sep

Please Pray For:

Christine Miller

For healing

02 Sep

Please Pray For:

Loretta Cappiello Curran

Mother of a 1 & 4 year old-cure from metastatic cancer-former Mercy Montessori teacher

12 Aug

Please Pray For:

Marilou Mercado

Healing from cancer

11 Aug

Please Pray For:

Cindy Williams

Please pray Cindy be cured of cancer. Please pray for her family's strength.

30 Jul

Please Pray For:

Pat Burns

Merciful God, we ask you, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley to wrap Pat and his family in your healing love as he copes with cancer.

Linda Scamuffa

Diagnosed with extensive cancer very suddenly with no symptoms until she had a bone break. A wonderful woman and friend of the Sisters of Mercy

15 Jul

Please Pray For:

Greg Fennessey

Please pray for my husband Greg Fennessey as he battles cancer and the emotional toll it is taking.

14 Jul

Please Pray For:

John Sweeney

Pray for healing and access to needed therapy.

11 Jul

Please Pray For:

Leo Cingolani

A speedy recovery from a serious illness

09 Jul

Please Pray For:

Chris Martin

A request for healing

Patti Adams

A request for healing

Caroline Rock Farrell

Caroline has an inoperable brain tumour . We pray through the intercession of Venerable Catherine for healing for Caroline

08 Jul

Please Pray For:

Emaly Tucker

who has cancer. She is a Mercy Associate in South Central Community

02 Jul

Please Pray For:

Helen Martin

Breast Cancer

30 Jun

Please Pray For:

Jack Lynch

Suffering from Leukaemia

Laoise Fitzgerald

Suffering and receiving treatment for a malignant brain Tumour

Sharon Walsh

Pancreatic Cancer.

24 Jun

Please Pray For:

Eileen Hasson Doyle and Cynthia Halloran

Please pray that they both get good reports from the doctors and really are cured from cancer..

Joe and Jussie

Please pray for Joe and Jussie that they are both cured of their serious illnesses.

13 Jun

Please Pray For:


We pray for Susan and her family. We pray for a recovery from her cancer. Amen.

08 Jun

Please Pray For:


Healing god, through the intercession of Catherine, we pray for a cure for Leslie who suffers with lymphoma and for strength for her family.

07 Jun

Please Pray For:

Paula Taylor

Loving God, through the intercession of Catherine we ask that you embrace Paula with your healing love as she seeks a cure for cancer,

06 Jun

Please Pray For:


Pray for Anne who has a serious heart condition

04 Jun

Please Pray For:

Julie Stolzberg

We pray that Julie be healed of cancer

Gertrude Lind

We pray that Gertrude be healed of cancer