Prayers Requested

28 Sep

Please Pray For:

Peter O Reilly

Undergoing a liver transplant operation 27th. September.

27 Sep

Please Pray For:

Diane Love

Diane Love is being treated for terminal cancer. We pray to Catherine for God's blessing of healing and peace.

17 Sep

Please Pray For:

Siobhan Cleary

For healing

14 Sep

Please Pray For:

Rachelle Harper

For healing

07 Sep

Please Pray For:

Frank Bondy Jr.

Please pray for him as he fights cancer; for his strength, for hope, and for continued faith.

03 Sep

Please Pray For:

Niamh Flanagan

For healing

Joe Harper

For healing

30 Aug

Please Pray For:

Mark McInerney

For healing

Stephanie Conway rsm

Through the intercession of Catherine, grant that Stephanie be restored to full health.

28 Aug

Please Pray For:

Helen Dillon

May her life be blessed with the comfort, peace, joy, and love of our Almighty Father.

24 Aug

Please Pray For:

Zachary Benson

Zachary is now 22 and will undergo a very risky medical procedure in Edmonton, AL Canada. Please intercede to Catherine for him.

23 Aug

Please Pray For:

Denise Morrissey

Suffering from seizure

21 Aug

Please Pray For:

Parbati Wong

A miracle, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

09 Aug

Please Pray For:

Maura Kelleher

Through the intercession of Catherine McCauley, may Maura be restored to full health.

08 Aug

Please Pray For:

Sr Kay O'Brien RSM

Sister Kay O'Brien (USA) has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Through the intercession of Catherine we ask for a cure.

06 Aug

Please Pray For:

Sr Margaret Hillerd

For healing

02 Aug

Please Pray For:

Ann Elizabeth Kennelly

Healing from Chron's and diverticulitius

Anne Ryan

Be with Anne, our good God, as she deals with cancer.

Denis Lynch

Loving God, we ask that you watch over Denis in his struggle with cancer.

Mary Ann Malia

Continued health and sound mind

31 Jul

Please Pray For:

Mercy Associate Mary Lee Whitley Gill

For healing

Eleanor Lynch

For healing. 16 year old Eleanor has leukemia.

28 Jul

Please Pray For:

Stanley Verona

Compassionate God, please wrap Stanley in your healing love as he journeys with cancer.

Paddy McCarthy

Healing God, wrap Paddy in your loving care as he faces surgery for cancer.

17 Jul

Please Pray For:

Bernadette Tamati

For healing as she journeys with cancer.