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January 21

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Each day is a step we make towards eternity.

Catherine McAuley

  • January 31

    Mercy is understood as a gratuitous process of giving and forgiving.

    Helen Marie Burns

  • February 01

    Every place has its own particular ideas and feelings which must be yielded to when possible.

    Catherine McAuley

  • February 02

    She used to conclude that we are much better able to endure hardships in God's service than we usually imagine.

    M Clare Moore

  • February 03

    Catherine’s spirituality was centred on the mercy of God…prayer in action…action in prayer.

    Angela Bolster

  • February 04

    We should labour all day like the poor, and have our rest and recreation after our work was finished.

    Catherine McAuley

  • February 05

    Life is very short! What folly, then, to waste any of its precious hours on trifles.

    M Austin Carroll

  • February 06

    Our sense of having been chosen for the works of liberation…is rich and dynamic.

    Sheila Carney

  • February 07

    The rescue of a newly-born infant during the epidemic is an example of Catherine’s response in love to a perceived need.

    Angela Bolster

  • February 08

    We are not the source of the ardent shape we hope to become, only the ready tinder: poor, flickering, utterly dependent on God’s designing fire.

    Mary Sullivan