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April 27

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The more questions asked, the more doubts avoided.

M Frances Warde

  • May 16

    Catherine’s confidence in God’s guidance gave her courage to take extraordinary risks.

    M Carmel Bourke

  • May 17

    Catherine discovered mercy at work in her life, experiencing within her concrete situation her own need.

    M Joanna Regan

  • May 18

    Catherine had the eye of a utilitarian rather than a poet.

    M Bertrand Degnan

  • May 19

    Prayer will do more ... than all the money in the Bank of Ireland.

    Catherine McAuley

  • May 20

    How do we expect to take up our cross and follow Christ if we are not to meet with it in those with whom we are associated?

    Catherine McAuley

  • May 21

    Help me to be quick to see and ready to encourage whatever brings the laughter of God into an otherwise uninspired day.

    Dorothy Kline

  • May 22

    We should consider a good spiritual book as a letter sent from Heaven.

    M Frances Warde

  • May 23

    Catherine believed deeply in the enabling fire of God’s love.

    Mary Sullivan

  • May 24

    Hurrah for foundations! Makes the old young and the young merry.

    Catherine McAuley