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Mercy International Reflection Process Stage Three: VOICES

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Distinguished Research Professor
Theology Department

Georgetown University
Washington, DC

Distinguished Professor
Department of Theology

Fordham University
Bronx, New York

Congregational Leadership Team
Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Ireland


Gilbert L. Stark Professor Emerita
of Christian Ethics

Yale Divinity School
New Haven, CT

Professorial Fellow
Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

School of Theology
Australian Catholic University

Professor Emerita of language and
literature, and Dean Emerita
of the College of Liberal Arts

Rochester Institute of Technology

Irish Columban priest and


Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy
Northern Province, Ireland
Justice Coordinator CORI and IMU


Australian Sister of Mercy and
Biblical Scholar

Executive Director
Mercy International Association

Dublin, Ireland

Executive Leader Mission and Ministry
Institute of the Sisters of Mercy
of Australia and Papua

Australian Sister of Mercy
Founding member of Rahamin
Ecology Centre in Bathurst, NSW

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy
Northern Province, Ireland


Provost Emerita
Distinguished Professor of Theology

St John’s University
Jamaica, New York



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