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Mercy International Reflection Process Stage Three: VOICES

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John F. Haught

Videos to assist with Stage Three of the International Reflection Process: Engaging with the Wisdom of the Tradition

Short Biography

John F. Haught is Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Theology, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

John taught at Georgetown for over 35 years and is now Professor Emeritus.

Video of full Interview with John F. Haught (51:47)


Video interview with John F. Haught by topic:

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1. Ecology and Christian Theology 00:00
2. Christianity and Ecological Responsibility 04:15
3. Science and Theology 16:21
4. Forced Homelessness 22:03
5. Teilhard De Chardin 23:57
6. Laudato Si' 32:38
7. The Mercy International Reflection Process 39:34
8. God as Creator 43:29
9. Science and Faith 50:41
10. Expression of Appreciation 51:20