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Mercy International Reflection Process Stage Three: VOICES

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Denis Edwards

Videos to assist with Stage Three of the International Reflection Process: Engaging with the Wisdom of the Tradition

Short Biography

Denis Edwards is a Professorial Fellow in Theology, located at the Adelaide campus of ACU. He is a priest of the Archdiocese of Adelaide, resident in Tranmere parish.

His teaching has been in the areas of God the Trinity, Christology, Ecclesiology and the Theology of Faith and Revelation.

Video of full Interview with Denis Edwards (54:02)


Video interview with Denis Edwards by topic:

Click on a link below to locate a short video on a specific topic:

1. The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor: 00:00
2. Theological Perspectives: 02:46
3. Theology and Science: 11:23
4. Creation, Incarnation, Holy Spirit: 15:00
5. Athanasius and Incarnation: 17:21
6. Key Texts in Scripture: 22:41
7. Writings and Teachings: 31:42
8. Areas of Concern: 34:53
9. Areas of Concern – Climate Change: 43:30
10. Reflections and Hopes: 46:00