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Mercy International Reflection Process Stage Three: VOICES

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Finding your Way Around this Microsite

This page contains important information to help you find your way around this microsite. If you have any queries, or experience any difficulties, please email Anne Walsh, MIRP Communications Director, for assistance

Site Structure

The landing page (homepage) of this microsite provides access to the 3 sections in the microsite: Background, Resources and News & Reports and then to the web pages within each section.

Within each of the 3 sections, on the right hand side of the heading 'Mercy International Reflection Process Stage Three: VOICES', at the top of each web page, and at the bottom, there is a button which reads 'Back to the beginning'.

Clicking on this button will always take you back to the landing page (home page) of this microsite so that you can choose to visit another web page on this microsite.

The Sections

  • Finding your way:  Contains information about the technology used, the site structure and the page layouts
  • Credits for VOICES: Names those who produced this Stage Three microsite and those who contributed to and supported its production
  • Contact: Who to contact if you need assistance finding your way around this VOICES microsite or the Process microsite
  • About the Mercy International Reflection Process: Background to the worldwide reflection process for the Year of Mercy for Sisters of Mercy and partners-in-Mercy. Direct access to the Process microsite.

Section 2. RESOURCES

  • Main Menu: Speakers: The 14 Speakers can all be seen here with brief details and each one's personal page can be accessed from this main page by clicking on their photo.
  • *Main Menu: Topics: The topics the Speakers each addressed are collated on this page under main headings. Clicking on a link under the heading will locate a Speaker's response on their interview.
  • More Topics: Topics addressed by individual Speakers are listed on this page.
  • Speakers' Personal Pages: Each Speaker has a personal page. The personal pages are all structured the same way and contain the following elements:

       - Speaker's name
       - A Return link to the Main Menu: Speakers
       - Short biography (1-2 paragraphs)
       - CV (curriculum vitae)
       - Introductory video (ranging from 1-3 minutes in length)
       - Full length interview (ranging from 30 minutes - an hour in length)
       - Links to locate topics on the Speaker's full length video

  • Speakers: Alphabetical Order: The list of speakers with photo and brief details. The list is in alphabetical order with a link to each one's personal page from both the Speaker's photo and the 'Watch the intro and full length video' button which is also on the page.

Section 3. NEWS & REPORTS

  • New, Recent and Forthcoming Publications from our Speakers: Details of their newest, most recent or forthcoming publications from a number of our Speakers. Information about their other writings can be found in their Cvs on their personal pages in this site.
  • Resources cited by the Speakers: books referred to or recommended during the interviews
  • Additional Resources for Stage Three: Further resources in English and Spanish will be added to this page as they become available.
Microsite Address:

The address of this VOICES microsite is: It can also be found at:
The address of the Mercy International Process microsite is: It can also be found at:


Each of the Introductory videos fades to black at its conclusion and the video screen then reads 'Watch the full interview with [name of Speaker]'. Clicking on those words on the video screen will take you to the person's full interview. When the full interview concludes the words 'Watch more MIRP VOICES' will appear on the screen. Clicking on those words will take you to the Main Menu of Speakers web page from where you can choose to watch another video.


We have used Vimeo Pro to make the videos available online. This technology enables the videos to be viewable on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) as well as on laptops, desktops, streaming players such as apple tv, chromecast and roku

Further information about how to watch Vimeo on your mobile device or streaming player or Tv can be found here

We have created a Portfolio of these videos on Vimeo. Visit:

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We look forward to hearing from you in due course as to how you use the short clips and/or complete interviews with your MIRP group, in other gatherings and for your personal enrichment in this Year of Mercy.



Updates and any further developments of this microsite will be advised in Mercy eNews, the weekly online newsletter of MIA.
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