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All Creation a Symphony

Hildegard of Bingen

All of creation is a symphony of joy and jubilation.
Now here is the image of the power of God... I am one whose praise echoes on high. I adorn all the earth. I am the breeze that nurtures all things green. I encourage blossoms to flourish with ripening fruits. I am led by the spirit to free the purest streams. I am the rain coming from the dew that causes the grasses to laugh with the joy of life. I am the yearning for good...

Creator God, may we awaken from our dullness and rise vigorously toward justice. May we fall in love with creation deeper and deeper and realize our oneness. Through your great love, may we respond to the Planet's endangerment with passion. Amen.

Adapted from Hildegard of Bingen, Mystic for the Ecological Awakening, EarthSaints, p.10. Gloria Durka, Fordham University. A special publication of EarthLight, Magazine.

Canticle of the Sun

Francis of Assisi

Most high, all powerful, all good Lord! All praise is yours, all glory, all honour, and all blessing. To you alone Most High, do they belong. No mortal lips are worthy to pronounce your name.

Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures, especially through Brother Sun, who brings the day; and you give light through him. And he is beautiful and radiant in all its splendour!  Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars; in the heavens you have made them, precious and beautiful.

Be praised, my Lord through Brothers Wind and Air. And clouds and storms, and all the weather through which you give your creatures sustenance.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Water, she is very useful, and humble, and precious and pure.

Be praised, my Lord, through our (sister) Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules us, and produces various fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.

Be praised, my Lord, through those who forgive for love of you; to those who endure sickness and trial. Happy those who endure in peace, for by you, Most High, they will be crowned.

Be praised, my Lord, through our Sister Bodily Death, from whose embrace no living person can escape. Happy those she finds doing your most holy will. The second death can do no harm to them.

Praise and bless my Lord, and give thanks, and serve the Lord with great humility.


Creator Lord, we stand amazed,
And for your earth, we give you praise

The smoothest pebble on the shore,
Detritus on the forest floor,
The undiscovered depth of space,
The wrinkles on a baby’s face,
Each sparrow and each human hair
Is numbered and is in your care,
All iron and oil and diamonds too,
Whilst used by us, belongs to you,
Forgive us Lord, for we forget,
All things are yours, and yet,

Provider Lord, we stand amazed,
And with your earth we give you praise

All of earth’s greatest mysteries,
And all our personal histories,
Each planet and each grain of sand
You hold them in your nail-scarred hands
You feed the birds and clothe the flowers,
You warm the soil and send the flowers,
You sound the rhythms of the earth,
Of tides and seasons, death and birth’
It is for you creation sings,
The head, the centre of all things,

Sustainer Lord, we stand amazed,
And with your earth we give you praise.

Lord God before all time began,
Yet you became a Son of Man,
You stepped into the world you made,
A world once good, now spoilt, decayed,
As Son of man your death reversed
The chaos of all creation’s curse,
The earth itself quaked on that day,
Released from bondage to decay,
All things are reconciled to you,
Creation’s hope is born anew.

Redeemer Lord, we stand amazed
And with your earth we give you praise. 

Based on Colossians 1:15-20 (with Romans 8:18-22. Philippians 2:5-11, Ephesians 1:9-10, Revelations 21:5)

Christian Aid Prayer

God of all grace
Who in Jesus cried, `I thirst',
Hold the people of east Africa in your infinite love.
Be with those for whom the earth's resources have run dry;
Be with those who must walk for miles to find their daily bread;
Be with those for whom survival is a fragile hope.
And be with us as we read the stories of those who bear such acute suffering;
Give us hearts of compassion to respond in your service,
So that together we may see restoration where there is pain,
And all may rejoice in your goodness.

From Christian Aid Prayer