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Opposing Human Trafficking

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Compilation of Resources on Opposing Human Trafficking

The resources listed below were published in Mercy eNews in 2015


Two new reports were published by UN University and the Freedom Fund to mark the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery on 2 December: 'Fighting Modern Slavery: What role for international criminal justice?' (40pps; PDF) Download it here and 'Unshackling Development: Why we need a global partnership to end modern slavery' (92pps; PDF).Download the report here

'Supply chain management (SCM) continues to evolve. Yes, there’s yet another new dimension to the space that is grabbing everyone’s attention. Corporate responsibility is being redefined. Governments are no longer asking global companies to avoid irresponsible sources of supply, they’re insisting on it. .. See: Governments Take Aim At Human Trafficking -- A New Dimension In Supply Chain Management. Read it here

The Church of England is setting up a network of champions to work alongside police forces and statutory and non-statutory agencies to support victims of human trafficking. See: New network of champions to combat human trafficking. Read it here

Caritas and partners to advance fight against Human Trafficking. Read the article here

Pope Francis message to the Santa Marta Group (a global alliance of international police chiefs and bishops working together with civil society to eradicate human trafficking) which has been meeting in Spain that 'Combating human trafficking is moral imperative' can be read here

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