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Mercy International Reflection Process

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Personal Reflection on the MIRP Theme Begins

During December and January we are each invited to begin our personal reflection on the Mercy International Reflection Process theme 'cry of the Earth, cry of the Poor' using Laudato Si' and accompanying resources.[Calendar: English/ En Español]

The contents of the six chapters of Laudato Si' are divided into topics. Taking a topic at a time could be how you divide up the reading task over these two months or until your group first meets.

The Encyclical can be accessed in English and Spanish on the Resources pages on the MIRP microsite in formats enabling you to read online, download or listen to the text read aloud [Resources: English/En Español].

To introduce you to the task and the theme, you may find it helpful to watch a video, such as the excellent recently released (20 November) 'Laudato Si' A Canadian Response'on YouTube (35:55) which introduces the themes of each of the six chapters, or to look first at a Reading Guide or one of the other aids in the organised and curated collection in the resources section on our MIRP microsite. [Resources: English/En Español]

A Helpful Method to Assist Personal Reflection on the MIRP theme

Obtain a notebook or set up a folder on your digital device to create a MIRP journal in which to record your thoughts, ideas, responses and reactions as you reflect on the theme 'cry of the Earth, cry of the Poor' over December and January. Be creative in your recording - doodling, jotting, sketching...Use the journal to record quotes or paragraph nos from Laudato Si' that impress you, challenge you and/or enlighten you in your personal reflection.

We are beginning our reflection during COP21 so you can expect there to be significant print, online and on air media coverage until the conclusion of the conference on 11 December. When and where helpful, use some of this material from reliable journalistic sources, including the COP21 website, to assist you in your reflection. Be attentive to other related material, such as that often included in the 'Further Resources' section of Mercy eNews which may also prove useful to you in your reflection.

This journal could accompany you to the group sessions for each of the four stages of the reflection process once they get underway.

Published in Mercy eNews, 2 December 2015