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News updates from MIRP Coordinators & Key Facilitators

MIRP Stage 4 – Collective Action. Report from Adelaide (ISMAPNG)

As Sisters of Mercy responding to Pope Francis' call to heed the cry of the Earth, we do not support any importation to or storage of nuclear waste in South Australia.

At a meeting of the Adelaide MIRP group on 29 October, a number of collective actions that we chose to commit ourselves to locally, regionally and internationally were decided upon.

Meredith Evans rsm facilitating group
Pat Fox rsm listening to responses

Download our action list here (2pps; PDF)

Open/Save the powerpoint (please turn on your speakers to hear the accompanying audio track)

Messages to: Duyen Nguyen rsm - Key Facilitator Community South A (ISMAPNG)


Shattered Earth and Displaced People are of a Piece: Reponse from a Stage Two (ISMAPNG)

Three groups met in Brisbane on 14 May to engage in Stage 2 of the MIRProcess. We revisited Stage 1 and set the scene for the people who were attending for the first time. We situated the analysis against the backdrop of the Anthropocene, the new geological era which takes its name from the dominance of humans over even geological processes. We asked ourselves if humans are controlling the world!

We constructed our problem trees, individually, as a small group, and then shared our insights with one another in the whole group. One theme which emerged loudly was society’s obsession with “stuff”-with acquiring it regardless of the cost to others, of going to war for it, of making political decision based on it, of basing our very identity on having more and more of it. As one group said, 'We want the biggest and the best, and then we throw away the rest'. People and Earth itself are sacrificed in the pursuit of stuff.

One group pointed out that the pyramid view of the world which orders everything from lesser to higher value makes it easier to devalue whatever is below us on the ladder. Yet it appears that God has been knocked off the top of the ladder, and humans are not making a good job of being elevated to the top position. That worldview needs to be revisited, and in so doing we need to look at how we see and experience God, because that image is being used to justify the behaviour that causes the shattering of Earth and the displacement of peoples.

Messages to: Mary Tinney rsm -  Key Facilitator Northern Community ISMAPNG


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Sisters in Adelaide, South Australia gathered on 7 May for Stage Two of MIRP (ISMAPNG)

The thirty-three Sisters who first gathered on 5 March (see report below) and identified two concerns:  the Plight of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and to the Destruction of the Environment, came together last Saturday, 7 May to engage in stage Two of the Process. Their reports follow:

Local Facilitators and Keynote Speakers: Tess Flaherty rsm, Margaret Adams rsm, Duyen Nguyen rsm, Philippa Rowland, Marie Ralph rsm, Patrick Wright and Anne Foale rsm

Focus 1: The plight of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

A number of underlying causes were identified. The three key factors that the group would like to bring to our engagement with the wisdom traditions were represented in the form of a diagram of a triangle: Greed, Fear and Misinformation, with Power and the Economy in the centre.

Greed: We all want to have more and be more. Bringing more Refugees and Asylum Seekers to our country could reduce our individual share of the wealth of our nation.
Fear: People are genuinely afraid of who may be allowed to enter our country. The media stirs up our fears and xenophobia.
Misinformation: The Politicians seek to maintain their power. The information made available to the electorate is limited and manipulated.

Focus 2: Heeding the Cry of the Earth

The group suggested changing the name from the Destruction of the Earth to “Heeding the Cry of the Earth”.

The three key factors identified:

Anthropocentrism related to traditional interpretation of scripture which allows us to see humans as the peak and centre of creation and the rest of creation here to serve our needs.
The interconnectivity of all things – we are just one part of the environment.
The attitude of individual acquisitiveness.

Messages to: Duyen Nguyen rsm - Key Facilitator Community South A (ISMAPNG)

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  • Philippa Rowland

  • Duyen Nguyen rsm

  • Some of the participants

  • L-r: Margaret Adams rsm, Duyen Nguyen rsm, Philippa Rowland


Forty-two Sisters Sisters of Mercy in Western Australia Gathered for MIRP Stage One (ISMAPNG)

In Mercy eNews, 30 March

Back row. L-r: Srs Breda O’Reilly, Eileen McVitttie, Pauline Masters, Sandra Smolinski, Perpetua Della Marta, Liz Nicholls
Middle row. L-r: Srs Caroline Ryan (Facilitator) Maura Kelleher, Louise Fortune, Kaye Bolwell, Carmel Wringe, Roberta Dillon, Hope Messer, Leonie O’Brien, Margaret Tallon, Noreen Cahill, Marie Fitzgerald, Betty McMahon, Flo O’Sullivan, Anna Maria O’Shea, Jo Dillon, Justina Talty, Catherine O’Connor, Mollie Wright, Carmel O’Donohoe, Claire Keating, Martina Killeen, Paula McAdam, Jilyan Dingle, Kerry Willison, Janina Pascoe, Margaret Lipsett, Joan Buckham, Joan Kelleher
Front row. L-r: Srs Joan Eileen Carroll, Ellen O’Neill, Maureen Mohen, Irena Kasprzyk, Berice Livermore, Joan Smith, Teresa Daly, Roma Banducci, Beverley Stott (Community South A Perth Facilitator)

On Saturday, 12 March, 42 members of Community South A gathered at Santa Maria College, Attadale, Western Australia for Stage One of the Mercy International Reflection Process.

Two groups were formed:
Group Focus 1: Displacement and Movement of Peoples caused by rapid climate change (carbon pollution), economic disparity, war
Group Focus 2:  Degradation of Water Supplies as a result of wastage and other ills affecting Humans and Nature.

Messages to: Beverley Stott rsm - Community South A Perth Facilitator


33 Sisters Gather in Adelaide, South Australia to Commence MIRP (ISMAPNG)

In Mercy eNews 16 March 2016

Front row. L-r: Srs Thu Do, Margaret Adams, Tess Flaherty, Elizabeth Young, Trang Tran
Middle row. L-r: Srs Pat Phillips, Janet Lowe, Mary Harvey, Mary Mutlow, Betty Schonfeldt, Loyola Crowe, Denise Coen, Bernadette Marks
Back row. L-r: Srs Ali Roach, Marie Ralph, Mary Symonds, Gabrielle Travers, Nien Tran, Cynthia Griffin, Gloria Lord, Kathryn Travers, Claudette Cusack, Rosemary Day, Catherine Seward, Marie Britza, Marietta Green, Ilsa Neicinieks, Ruth Egar, Lyn Beck, Berice Livermore, Anne Tormey

On Saturday, March 5th 2016, thirty-three Sisters of Mercy gathered in Adelaide to engage in Stage 1 of the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP). We started the day with the God of Mercy Chant by Gina Ogilvie and the Prayer for the Year of Mercy written by Bill Patenaude for the Global Catholic Climate Movement. A brief overview of MIRP and the 4 stages of the process and a Powerpoint of quotes from Laudato Si’ with stimulating images on the theme: Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor, beautifully led the group into a prayerful reflective process.

Each Sister valued her quiet time to contemplate 'What is the strong concern that stirs in me when I reflect on this phrase: ‘Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor’?' After sharing and discussions the group agreed to bring forward the Plight of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and the Destruction of the Environment to focus and reflect upon over the coming months.

Some views focussed on the reflective process (excellent, valuable, helping us to look beyond ourselves, having time to get in touch with our heart) while others emphasised the need for action, pointing out that this was something that was needed urgently in regard to the Plight of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and to the Destruction of the Environment. Sisters recognised causal links between these two concerns.

The general hope was that the reflective process on these two concerns would lead to effective concerted action in whatever field was required: political, environmental, cultural and social justice. Some also highlighted our Mercy mission and interest in Mercies doing this together in the light of the global context.

Messages to: Duyen Nguyen rsm - Key Facilitator Community South A (ISMAPNG)


Summary of MIRP presentation by Elizabeth Davis rsm at the Latin American Caribbean Conference (LACC)

In Mercy eNews 9 March 2016

Sisters of Mercy from many countries of Latin America and the Caribbean were present in Panama for the Latin American Caribbean Conference (LACC) between February 21-25, 2016.

Photo: Elizabeth Marrie rsm - MIRP Coordinator Newfoundland

Elizabeth Davis rsm (Newfoundland) who is the liaison between the Mercy Leaders and the Reflection process, gave a presentation on MIRP to the assembly: A summary of her comments follows in both English and Spanish is linked to this item.

Comments on the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP)
by Elizabeth Davis rsm Liaison between the Mercy Leaders and the Reflection process

This is a Kairos moment for Sisters of Mercy in all forty-four countries in which we live and minister. This is such a blessed moment because this is the Year of Mercy following the Year of Consecrated Life and because we have the opportunity to reflect together deeply on matters of great importance through the Mercy International Reflection Process....

Read the Summary here (PDF)

Comentarios sobre el proceso de Reflexión Internacional de Misericordia
por Elizabeth M. Davis, RSM, Liaison entre los Líderes de la Misericordia y el Proceso de Reflexión
Este es un momento de Kairos para Hermanas de la Misericordia en todos los cuarenta y cuatro países en donde vivimos y ministramos. Este es un momento bendito porque este es el Año de la Misericordia tras el Año de Vida Consagrada y porque tenemos la oportunidad de reflexionar juntos profundamente en asuntos de gran importancia en el Proceso de Reflexión de Misericordia Internacional.

Lea el resumen aquí (PDF)

Messages to: Elizabeth Davis rsm - Congregation Leader Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland


Mercy International Reflection Process Facilitation Training in Aotearoa New Zealand

In Mercy eNews 9 March 2016

With the summer holidays now a distant memory and with autumn knocking on the door, the last Friday evening and Saturday of February saw 37 participants gathered in Wellington to begin their training as Facilitators of the Mercy International Reflection Process for Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand. The group comprised sisters from across Aotearoa which included sisters of Samoan and Tongan origins. There were 2 members of Te Kahui Pou the Congregation’s Maori Advisory group with a couple of their family members, members of He Waka Tiaki the National Mission Team, the principal, some teachers
and 3 students from a Mercy secondary college, and 2 members of a young lay community connected to the Sisters of Mercy. Members of the Leadership Team also joined those who came for the training.

In deep discussion Some of the many participants at the Facilitators Training

Participants had watched Elizabeth Davis’ invitation to 'Become a Doorkeeper of Mercy during the Year of Mercy' as preparation for the weekend and came with a story concerning 'the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor'. Beginning with these stories they were lead through the four stages of the reflection process by Kathleen Rushton rsm, the Key Facilitator of MIRP in Aotearoa. This gave participants a wee taste of the process they would facilitate. The Coordinators, Teresa Anderson rsm and Natalie Murphy rsm, lead participants through the resources available on the MIRP microsite, as well as alerting them to resources from Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand and books by local theologians and writers that reflect on concerns of the Earth and the Poor in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Discussion flowed from questions from the participants, who also offered helpful information and tips about leading groups.

Each day’s sessions began with Pope Francis’ Prayer for the Earth. Participants were provided with a folder of handouts to guide them in their role as facilitators. Groups are now being formed across Aotearoa in a variety of settings, where possible, with a mix of sisters and companions in Mercy. One of the Samoan sisters who participated in the training will be returning to Samoa to bring the Mercy International Reflection Process to life there.

To conclude the training, Katrina Fabish rsm Congregation Leader of Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa thanked participants for taking up their role and commissioned them with a blessing. Each was given a candle decorated with the MIRP logo and the Year of Mercy image to use with their MIRP groups.

Messages to Natalie Murphy rsm, Teresa Anderson rsm - MIRP Coordinators ANZ and Kathleen Rushton rsm Key Facilitator


Preparing for the Mercy International Reflection Process
Community Central B, ISMAPNG

In Mercy eNews 9 March 2016

On the weekend of February 6 and 7 eighteen sisters and Mercy colleagues who will be facilitating the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) for groups within Community Central B gathered at the Mercy Spirituality Centre, Toronto, New South Wales to learn more about their role.

The workshop was led by Eveline Crotty rsm, MIRP’s Key Facilitator for Central B with assistance from Adele Howard rsm, MIRP Coordinator for Australia and Papua New Guinea, and Anne Walsh who is facilitating international communication related to the project and helping with resources.

As MIRP is an international venture, it is likely that some groups around the globe will choose the same focus. Ideally, in the periods between stages they will communicate with each other to sharpen their focus and develop their understanding of the key issues involved. In itself, such sharing could contribute to a stronger, more united, more purposeful ‘Mercy world’ identity.

A number of sisters have expressed keen interest in MIRP but are unable to be directly involved in a reflection group. However, they want to participate through prayer and some would like to be ‘prayer partners’ of particular groups. Sisters who want to have such involvement are encouraged to contact their local facilitator (Eveline can provide contact information for the local facilitators) who will ensure they are included in the regular ‘feedback’.

The desired outcomes are twofold: action for change in relation to the particular focus areas; personal growth and conversion in one’s own life of faith and gospel action.
And as mentioned above, it is also hoped that the bonds of unity throughout the Mercy world will be stronger and more defined, for the sake of God’s mission of mercy.

Finally, if all is done well, we will have honoured and celebrated the special Jubilee of Year Mercy in ways that endure beyond 2016.

Messages to: Eveline Crotty rsm  - Key Facilitator Community Central B ISMAPNG


MIRP Facilitation Day in Newfoundland

In Mercy eNews 16 December 2015

On Monday, 7 December 2015, twenty facilitators/co-facilitators of the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) for the Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland met (with one coming in by phone) at our Generalate to be guided through the four stages of the reflection process by Elizabeth Davis, rsm, Congregational Leader and Liaison for MIA Members of MIRP, and Elizabeth Marrie rsm, Congregation MIRP Coordinator.

Back Row: L-R: Dorothy Willcott rsm, Monica Hickey rsm, Theresa Ryan (partner-in-Mercy)
Second Row: L-r: Geraldine Mason rsm, Irene Neville rsm, Betty Morrissey rsm, Madonna Gatherall rsm, Patricia King (Mercy Associate), Rosemary Ryan rsm, Maureen O’Keefe rsm, Diane Smyth rsm
Seated: L-r: Patricia Gallant rsm (on floor), Mona Rumboldt rsm, Phyllis Corbett rsm, Elizabeth Davis rsm, Margie Taylor rsm, Charlotte Fitzpatrick rsm, Elizabeth Marrie rsm.
Gladys Bozec rsm phoned in. Unavoidably absent were Sheila O'Dea rsm and two co-facilitators, Sharon Basha rsm and Catherine Ryan (
Mercy Associate)

In the gathering prayer, Sisters, Associates and partners-in-ministry reflected on the interconnectedness of Advent, the Year of Mercy and Doorkeepers. Elizabeth Davis’ shared directly the Story Thus Far, and we played the video which Elaine Wainwright, rsm had done on the process. The remainder of the morning was devoted to a power point presentation regarding the context, stages and timeframes of the Process and the role of participants.

In the afternoon, through a power point presentation we focused on: resources, practical guidelines for facilitation and on a detailed walk through Stage One and in particular Session 1. There was much enthusiastic sharing regarding the expectations and challenges.

Relevant handouts were used. Elizabeth Marrie rsm sent electronically these and other documents to facilitators as well as the two editions of DoorWays, our MIRP newsletter to all the members. We concluded with the Prayer of the Earth (on a special bookmark for all their group members with this prayer and an invitation to be doorkeepers). A similar bookmark has been distributed to sisters, associates and partners who have accepted our invitation to participate in the reflection process as Prayer Companions.

Facilitation sessions for the participants in Peru will be held in February when two of the Leadership Team will be visiting our Sisters there.

Messages to Elizabeth Marrie rsm - MIRP Coordinator Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland


A Group of Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) Facilitators gather in Parramatta

In Mercy eNews, 8 December 2015

A group of Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) facilitators gathered in the Catherine McAuley rooms Parramatta on Thursday December 3.

Welcome to Country and Prayer for Our Earth were accompanied by a lively discussion on the Extraordinary Global Jubilee Year of Mercy, the MIRP Logo, the MIRP Reflection Process itself and logistics regarding ways forward.

It was refreshing to have a mixture of representatives from schools and colleges, social and pastoral works within parishes and other organisations, as well as Mercy Sisters.

Those present were very happy to be involved in this Mercy initiative. They were excited about the challenge to engage further with each other as part of wider local, regional and international clusters. They like the focus on the interrelated cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

Some members of the group are standing in front of the red doors of Mercy created in Parramatta to connect in spirit with the red doors of Baggot Street and all the doors of Mercy throughout the world. A few others are enjoying a chat and a cup of tea and together.

Back Row: L-r: Veronica Powell rsm, Kelly Senel, Bernadette Fabri, Daphne McKeough rsm, Marisa Brattoni, Judith Kerr
Middle Row:L-r: Valda Dickinson rsm, Veronica Earls rsm, Kathleen Hanna, Mary Harb, Christina Nubla, Carol Harding, Joyce Vella rsm, Johanna Conway rsm
Front Row: L-r: Sue Brown, Jenny Makerry, Gabby Scanlon, Caitlin Pfafflin,
Melissa Watkins-Sewell, Claire Thomas, Margaret Sheppard rsm, Mary-Louise Petro rsm

L-r: Kathleen Dowse rsm, Kath Sayer, Barbara Stenning, Helen Stannard rsm, Antoinette Doyle rsm

Absent: Margaret Hinchey rsm, Marie Butcher rsm, Anna Conway rsm

Messages to: Valda Dickinson rsm - MIRP Coordinator Nth Sydney and Parramatta Congregations


ISMAPNG Key Facilitators Planning Weekend for the Mercy International Reflection Process

In Mercy eNews, 2 December 2015

A planning weekend for the Key Facilitators for each of the Communities (regions) of ISMAPNG was held on 21-22 November. Led by Adele Howard rsm, MIRP Coordinator for ISMAPNG, the agenda covered the historical background, year of Mercy focus, timeline, theme and the detail of the four stages of the Mercy International Reflection Process. A session on communications and resources provided by MIA was led by Anne Walsh, Communications Director for the MIRP.

L-r: Back Row: Faye Kelly rsm, Evelyn Crotty rsm, Mary Tinney rsm, Margaret Moore rsm, Adele Howard rsm, Duyen Nguyen rsm
Front Row: Beverley Stott rsm, Veronica Lawson rsm, Margaret Hart rsm

Key Facilitators shared details of their local and regional planning for engaging Local Facilitators (group leaders) then considered as a group the training, timing and support needed to work with Sisters, Associates, Staff, Ministries, Parishes and other groups within or associated with the Institute.

A booklet of print outs of all the MIA resources and a USB of these in digital format was given to each Facilitator to assist her in her work.

Faye Kelly rsm, Community Leader South C, in whose region the training days were held, also participated in the weekend.

Messages to: Adele Howard rsm - MIRP Coordinator ISMAPNG


Enthusiasm Expressed for the Potential of Mercy International Reflection Process (Aotearoa New Zealand)

In Mercy eNews, 18 November 2015

At our national Congregation Day held in Christchurch on 31 October, Natalie Murphy, Teresa Anderson and Kath Rushton shared their valuable