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Digital Resource Collections to Assist with Stage Two of the Process

The Guiding Team, with suggestions from other members of the Mercy family, have put together Digital Resource Collections - texts, images, links, videos, interactive elements - to assist MIRP groups who are looking at the following areas of concern: Water, Consumerism; Sustainable Development, Fracking, Climate Change, Displaced Persons to focus on a particular issue.

The collections are representative rather than exhaustive and are intended as a starting point, not the last word. The plan is to create collections on other
MIRP areas of concern. Suggestions of further resources for these collections are most welcome.

To navigate through the collection you are interested in viewing, click the forward arrow in the right-hand corner. Underlinings throughout the collection are hyperlinks. Video lengths are indicated, as is their year of release.

Messages to: Anne Walsh, Communications Director MIRP

Digital Resource Collection on Water Digital Resource Collection on Consumerism

Digital Resource Collection on Climate Change
Digital Resource Collection on Environmental Devastation

Digital Resource Collection on Displaced Persons
Digital Resource Collection on Fracking