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MIRP Groups Begin to Refine their Issues of Concern

In eNews 16 March 2016

Some MIRP Groups, particularly in the northern hemisphere, are starting to move from Stage 1 broad areas of subject interest (a large category where their issue is located) to refining their issue in precise terms in Stage Two.

Among the broad areas identified so far are:

  • Water
  • Displacement of peoples (homelessness, trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Fracking
  • Sustainable Living
  • Climate change
  • Environmental devastation

I would be delighted to hear from any readers of Mercy eNews who know of or have access to resources in these broad areas of subject interest so these can be shared globally.

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Director of Communications MIRP

In eNews 16 March 2016

Meet Members of MIRP Groups Across the Mercy World

Over the course of this Year of Mercy, as we engage in the MIRP, the groups formed to undertake this process will be introduced to the Mercy family through eNews and the website.

As MIRP groups confirm their focus issue for Stage Two, we will put those groups with similar and related issues in email contact with each other 'across the miles' through their MIRP Group Facilitators, thus 'facilitat[ing] collaboration among the Congregations, Institutes and Federations to meet the needs of today and to work for justice. (MIA Purpose of the Association).