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Reflection on and Use of the Mercy International Reflection Process Logo

The Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) logo has been designed in English and Spanish specifically for the four stage reflection process. Copyright to the logo is held by Mercy International Association (MIA).

Reflection on the logo

The eye is immediately drawn to the centrepiece of the logo and to the warmth of the rich red in the Doors of Baggot Street which, through a simplicity of line and minimal detail, are shown opened out to the world and planet - represented by the roundness of shape and the ecological colours. The opened doors enable freedom of movement: to enter and to exit.

We see the blue of water/ocean and the blue of sky above, while below are the green of the earth and the brown of the soil out of which new life springs.

The contrast is also evident between the lush flourishing green landscape and through hints of yellow, the warm, dry, brown parched lands - symbolic of the cry of the Earth.

The 12 Congregations and Institutes that form MIA are represented in the rays that radiate outward from and ‘return’ to Baggot Street. The Congregations and Institutes together take Mercy into the world, so forming the continuous ‘M’ for Mercy within a star shape. The global Mercy connections are seen in these linkages while, at the same time, the uniqueness of each congregation and institute is reflected in the individual coloured rays.

The order and symmetry in the design reflect our capacity for achieving/restoring balance and harmony, while the star evokes a sense of outward energy.

The colour and shape of the logo suggest a stained glass rose window, hinting at our Christian tradition.

Use of the Logo

Use of the logo is reserved for promoting the process and coverage of the process among Sisters of Mercy and partners-in-Mercy in the lead up to and during the Year of Mercy.

The logo (far right) must be reproduced in its entirety (symbol plus words) and without alteration but may be reduced in size. 

The logo may be reproduced in black and white.

The logo should be reproduced with the following credit: © Mercy International Association 2015

Mercy Congregations and Institutes, communities and ministries are warmly encouraged to use the logo in communications locally. MIRP Coordinators have copies of the logo in various formats.

Media, including print and digital media, may use the logo without permission, to promote or accompany their coverage of the Mercy International Reflection Process.

Commercial use of the logo will require an agreement and payment of a licensing fee.

Further inquiries about or requests for the logo should be directed to:
Anne Walsh, Communications Director for the Mercy International Reflection Process.


Download the Logo information:       A4 Paper Size (PDF)                           US Letter Size (PDF)