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Report from The Congregation

March 10, 2016


Much of my work since the last call has consisted in offering appropriate pieces to the province links of the Congregation for distribution to the general membership.

Included here has been:
o Information and requests to sign petitions on fracking – and the need to be vigilant with regard to its possible introduction here in Ireland
o Requests to stand against terrorism in all its forms and across the globe
o Updates on human rights, migration, and the refugee crisis
o Material on local environmental issues such as a campaign about restoring a unique river delta in the south of Ireland one of only a few on the planet.
o Material from Pope Francis and the Global Climate Movement in particular around the need for Church and Church related groups to engage with the global warming issue, and in particular to be conscious of the need for climate justice.
o Material from MIA on climate change and on fracking
o Information around the Paris talks as well as updates on progress there and commentary on the outcome of the talks.

I am also involved locally with the MIRP being part of a group responsible for how it might be disseminated across the southern province of our congregation.

Carmel and myself attended the rights of nature tribunal in Paris and found it a most enlightening and informative experience. It highlighted the fact that the rights of the poorest people and those of the earth itself and deeply intertwined — one depends on the other. Getting this message across is very important. The tribunal was a very powerful and key component of the overall Paris experience.

Carmel has been very involved in creating the ‘FwN Mining Toolkit – Digging At Our Conscience, which will be launched on Thursday March 10th in Mercy International Centre in Baggot Street, Dublin. It will be launched by Emanon Meehan, Director of Trócaire.

Margaret Twomey rsm