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Brief Report on September Conference call with Cosmology / Eco-justice Group

September 23, 2017


On Thursday,14th September, 12 members of the MIA-Global Action ‘Cosmology / Eco-Justice’ group from Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Newfoundland and the United States, 'met' via conference call. After a reflection on Creation, we moved to questions and comments on the reports participants circulated prior to the meeting, reflecting their activities and future plans.

It was a good meeting where key issues were discussed; concerns around lobbying and campaigning highlighted and future plans shared. Among these were:

1. Activities related to the ‘Season of Creation’. See the valuable resources here on our website, prepared by the MIRP Communications Director for this season, one of the 'pivotal moments for global communication and reflection' identified in the MIRP report. The Global Action Team prepared pamphlet on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) # 12 ‘To Ensure Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns’ focussing on resources and pollution.

2. The devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and the relationship to the complex issue of Climate Change. We were alerted to a new organisation in the US called ‘Our Children’s Trust’ for children / young people who are very concerned about climate change.

3. The critically important UN ‘World Oceans Conference’ in New York, June 2017.

4. ‘The Citizen’s Assembly’ in Ireland - Submissions on climate change issues were submitted for their upcoming meetings, by the Global Action Team:

5. Rituals are being prepared by members on the ‘Flourishing of Life’ related to cosmology and the new consciousness. Revision of the ritual on ‘Water’ is available - a good resource for World Frackdown Day’ October 14th. A4 Paper Size; US Letter Size

6. Mercy Global Presence was discussed.

7. Mention of the upcoming ‘Field Visits’ in October by Denise Boyle fmdm and Angela Reed rsm, to the Western and South Central Provinces in Ireland.

8. It was agreed to explore the possibility of an e-library for eco-justice resources that members have found helpful

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