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September Report from ISMAPNG

September 23, 2017

Among the events and activities are the following:

In June, we appointed Mr Chris Hill as the Environmental Sustainability Project Manager. Chris has come to us from the Mater Health Services in Brisbane where he was the Director Environmental Sustainability achieving set targets for reducing emissions and costs.

We have good reason to believe that Chris will achieve great things to see that ISMAPNG achieves an even higher level of environmental sustainability than it already enjoys at the present.

A new Environmental Sustainability Committee is being established to oversee the implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Policy

The first of the solar panels on an ISMAPNG building were officially opened on 31st August. This hopes to be the first of many such occasions as the Solar Energy Project rolls out across the country.

There is still an issue with the possibility of a mega coal mine development in Queensland and many Sisters are involved in writing petitions and attending protests against this mine which could seriously impact the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

At our recent Chapter, we once again inserted a statement of “firing our hearts anew with deeper reverence for all creation.” At many moments throughout the Chapter, we were invited to reflect on our relationship with Earth, through prayer and imagery.

The MIA Season of Creation calendar and prayer are being promoted throughout the Institute, with participation from many Sisters and confreres. One additional resource being used is that provided by the Columban Fathers: A Catholic Season of Creation. It has resources for each Sunday in September.

Our Sister Biblical Scholars and theologians continue to give retreats, workshops on Ecology and particularly reading Scripture through an ecological lens.

Sisters in South Australia are involved in a new campaign to oppose the Federal Government’s proposal for a nuclear waste dump in that state, after the State Government’s proposal for such a dump was ruled out. They join Aboriginal people and local farmers who will be affected if this goes ahead.

To commemorate Mercy Day, Sisters will be given a Keep Cup (a reusable coffee/tea cup) with the ISMAPNG logo attached.

The Environmental Sustainability Manager and Sr Deirdre Gardiner will be presenting on Environmental Sustainability to a number of Finance Managers of Religious Congregations.

A number of Sisters have been involved in collecting signatures for a petition on Climate Change and presenting them to their Members of Parliament asking their members to speak to the petition on the floor of the Parliament.

Their was a large participation in Plastic Free July with messages of how to avoid plastic being shared.
Rahamim, our Centre for Ecology is continuing a huge role in education in all areas of ecology. They are now able to have an online presence and so this is leading to a larger sharing of their contribution to such education. Plans are afoot for an even bigger coverage next year.

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