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September Report from Sisters of Mercy Parramatta

September 23, 2017

This year we have been basically focusing on:
1.Networking and Lobbying for Environmental Protection
2..Earth Care/Sustainability,
3. Cosmological/Ecological Education and its relation to Spirituality Faith, Images of God, Life style etc.

So far we have been educating ourselves and subsequently networking and advocating to stop the Adani Mine going ahead, to protect the Barrier Reef and to address the devastating effects of climate change.

Tim Flannery has shared with us at the Congregation Centre for CCJP his insights into Climate Change and practices to alleviate the effect of this, keeping in mind the environmental devastation and it effects on the people of the Pacific in low lying countries.

We have also had a talks on interconnectedness, co-creation-the butterfly effect, inter-being and environmental history.

The Marymount Program at Castle Hill included sessions on Laudato Si, Ecology and Cosmology and the relation of these to Christology and Theology. We have presented these reflective sessions and sessions on Earth Mystics and Prophets.

We have been involved also in presenting and attending workshops, retreats and renewal programs in a variety of locations that have included input, reflection and discussion around Planets, People and Paradigm shifts, the Universe Story and its relation of Biblical and Cross Cultural Creation Stories, The Jesus Story and to Spirituality and shifting Images of God. Speakers also involved in these programs have also included Chris Dalton author of "From Terra Nullis to Beloved Country"; Phil Glendenning (Advocate for Environmental Refugees); Michelle Moloney (Earth Jurisprudence Advocate).

Ongoing is gardening, recycling and time spent with nature and involvement in book clubs discussing books related to ecology evolution, cosmology and spirituality.

We have been networking with Faith Environment Network (FENS).

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