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Report from ACRATH Australia for September

September 23, 2016

Sisters of Mercy in Australia work on the issue of human trafficking as members of ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans)

Over the past year ACRATH exceeded all milestones related to the AGD funding:

  • 132 Presentations across Australia from Geraldton to Harrietville, from Wollongong to Bundaberg, as well as 5 capital cities and the ACT
  • 22 Trafficked women & 13 of their children assisted
  • 99 schools in 3 states trialling ACRATH forced marriage education kit
  • 152 Network meetings attended in Australia. Networking also in Thailand, NZ, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the UK, the Vatican, the UN in NY, the USA, Canada, Albania, Ireland, Indonesia, PNG and the Pacific region
  • 52 Members of Parliament visited
  • 83 items uploaded to the ACRATH Website
  • 7,267 hours of volunteer time donated

Volunteer time conservatively costed at $204,638

This month 12 members of ACRATH went to Canberra to present the following information and to advocate for the issues mentioned below. There are various issues under each heading.

1. ACRATH is asking MPs to support ACRATH and the other funded NGOs to do more counter trafficking
2 ACRATH is asking MPs to support ACRATH and the other funded NGOs to do more counter trafficking work over the next three years. We are asking Justice Minister Keenan for a further three year AGD funding.
3. ACRATH is asking MPs to address the needs of overseas workers facing forced and exploited labour in Australia
4. ACRATH is asking MPs to support the move to establish a national compensation scheme for people who have been trafficked into Australia

Read the ACRATH September newsletter for more news on the recent Advocacy trip to Canberra (2pps;PDF)

On 28th October, ACRATH will conduct a Training Day in Melbourne for senior Secondary Teachers covering the following topics:
1. Who are the consumers in Sex Trafficking?
2. Slavery Supply Chains.
3. Forced Marriage. How teachers can recognise signs and how they can help.

Messages to: Carole McDonald rsm
Victorian Coordinator ACRATH