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Report from Aotearoa New Zealand

September 23, 2016


An update from Aotearoa New Zealand

One of our Sisters has continued to attend the Aotearoa New Zealand Religious against Trafficking (ANZRATH) group which meets regularly. They have been listening to different speakers. One of the groups they had to speak was a group called Child Labour Free. Their website is and their story is very interesting. They have given us many flyers to share with others. And the other good news is that there has finally been a conviction for trafficking in New Zealand. gives information about the case.

Additionally, the two Sisters I live with recently visited the Auckland Prostitutes Collective to discuss a few issues. One of the things they did talk about was the increasing number of young Asian women they are seeing who are being exploited. This is possibly an area for us to follow up in the future as it may be a result of trafficking. However, no evidence yet as the social workers described the difficulty they experienced in gathering any information from the prostitutes as they feel that sharing such information may leave them vulnerable.

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