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Guide To Rights-Based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law & Fracking; Guia Para La Incidencia Basada En Derechos

Special Reports: June 12, 2015

We are pleased to share our new report A Guide to Rights-based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law and Fracking that is now available for download in English.

The report is a formative document demonstrating how the international human rights framework can be used to initiate rights-based advocacy against human rights violations that result from the harm caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

The guide makes an important contribution to the nascent topic of fracking’s impact on human rights, by summarizing:

Examples of harm caused by fracking, which demonstrate the enormous negative impact on human and animal life and the environment;

How these effects of fracking can breach multiple human rights, including violations to the right to health, water, food, housing, freedom of information and expression, the rights of children, and the cultural and collective rights of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, and peasant communities;

• The ways in which international human rights law offers various accountability mechanisms, venues for information and action, and tools to empower and reposition people and communities as rights-holders;

• How governments have a duty to respect, protect and fulfill human rights, and to prevent violations of human rights by non-state actors.

This report, A Guide to Rights-based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law and Fracking, is offered as a work in progress, inviting further contributions from around the world. It encourages more collaborative efforts on this vital subject, with the ultimate goal of empowering rights-holders, shaping policy, and ensuring accountability

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For further information, contact:: Aine O'Connor rsm - MGA Co-ordinator at the United Nations, Sisters of Mercy (NGO), Mercy International Association: Global Action

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