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August 15, Edition 784

15 August: Feast of the Assumption |  MIA Prayer Intention: Feast of the Assumption |  MGA Leaflet on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #8 Now Available |  MIA and the Season of Creation |  Other Resources for the Season of Creation |  Ending the Violence (ISMAPNG) |  Sure Steps for Making Us Great again and 'A Little Child Shall Lead Them' (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Read the Signs of the Times (ISMAPNG) |  News from MECPATHS (The Congregation) |  Further Resources |  On This Day |  20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (John 6:51-58) |  New: 'The Luminous Ordinary - Catherine McAuley’s Living Presence of Love' |  Today I Found out |  A Video Reflection for the Feast of the Assumption |  World Humanitarian Day, 19 August | 

August 08, Edition 783

Fourth Young Mercy Leaders Pilgrimage a Great Success |  MIA Prayer Intention: The Events of This Past Week |  Reminder: Mercy to Earth Programme |  'The Lord Offers Us Occasions To Be Involved In The Dynamics Of Love – Pope Francis (The Congregation) |  3 Mercy Organizations to Start Annual Circle the City with Mercy Project (Americas) |  Happy 100th Birthday Sr Mary Jeanne (Brisbane Congregation) |  Working with Refugee Women in Rural Communities (ISMAPNG) |  Further Resources |  19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (John 6:41-51) |  Mercy Medical Center, Clinton, Iowa |  9 August: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples |  How to Free up Space on Your iPhone and Android Phone |  Resource: 'Mercy Begins with Me' T-shirt and Apron |  On This Day | 

August 01, Edition 782

The Pilgrimage for aged 18+ Young Mercy Leaders Has Begun! |  MIA Special Prayer Intention: Impact of Extreme Temperatures and Weather Events |  Mercy Sisters to reveal Founder’s Unique Family Relationships for WMOF |  Root Causes of Human Trafficking and Slavery in Some Parts of the Mercy World |  Sub-Committee of NGO Mining Working Group Launches Companion Document to 'Water and Sanitation- A People's Guide to SDG 6'.’ |  MIA Prayer Intention: Young Mercy Leaders |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  Earth Overshoot Day Calls us to Tread Softly |  Plastic Bag Alternatives and Birthday Tree Planting: A Ray of Hope for Kenya (The Congregation) |  Mercy Leadership Pilgrimage (Brisbane Congregation) |  Let Nonviolence Begin with Me (Americas) |  Further Resources |  Ancient Earth: An Interactive Map that Lets You Travel Back in Time. |  How-to: Speed up your laptop |  On This Day |  New Mercy Resource - Inoi Taketake: Prayers for Stepping Forward |  18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (John 6:24-35) |  Mercy Education Project (MEP), Detroit, USA | 

July 25, Edition 781

MIA-MGA at UN Launches Advocacy Guidebook to Prevent Trafficking |  Final Reminder: Catherine and Family: Live-streamed Presentations from MIC |  New: Mercy to Earth Programme |  MIA Prayer Intention: Grandparents |  The 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report – A Critique |  MIRP Outcome: Better Waste Separation and Recycling (Brisbane) |  Plastic-free July at Gabriel Hall (Americas) |  Mercy is First Iowa Hospital to Create Anti-human Trafficking Position (Americas) |  Update from Mercy Investment Services (MIS) on Human Trafficking and Human Rights (Americas) |  Root Causes of Human Trafficking and Slavery in Kenya (The Congregation) |  MECPATHS: Extending Our Outreach (The Congregation) |  The Body Holds the Story (Newfoundland) |  Looking at Slavery in Bible and in Modern Times (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  A True Story from South Africa: Will She Ever Be Truly Free? (The Congregation) |  Root Causes of Human Trafficking and Slavery in the United States (Americas) |  Further Resources |  17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (John 6:1-15) |  On This Day |  World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, 30 July |  Explainer: 7 Things You Should Do if You Lose Your Phone |  Independence Day Peru, 28 July |  International Friendship Day, 30 July | 

July 18, Edition 780

Her Heart is with the Homeless |  Catherine and Family: Live-streamed Presentations from Mercy International Centre |  MIA Prayer Intention: Japan Floods |  Ireland’s UN Campaign |  Report: International Conference on the 3rd Anniversary of Laudato Si’ |  Living Laudato Si’, Three Years Later (Americas) |  Laudato Si’ Conference and the Mercy International Reflection Process (ISMAPNG) |  Chapter of Elections (North Sydney ) |  Chapter of Elections (The Congregation) |  Scripture with Kathleen Rushton rsm: 'Completing God's Work' (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Sr Judy Byron OP and Sr Susan Vickers RSM to Receive ICCR's Legacy Award (Americas) |  July Reflection (GB Union) |  An improved stove for Almaz (The Congregation) |  Further Resources |  Mandela Day, 18 July |  16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 6:30-34) |  Laudato Si' conference: Summary Video |  Damascus College, Ballarat, Australia |  On This Day |  18 Gmail settings that will change how you think about your inbox | 

July 11, Edition 779

MIRP Outcome: Mercy Health St Louis Announces Bottled Water Refill Initiative |  MIA Prayer Intention: Rescue Efforts for Soccer Team Show We Are One Human Family |  MIA Request for Photos and Video Clips |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  UN Secretary-General Releases Advance Version of 2018 SDG Progress Report |  International Conference Marks Third Anniversary of Encyclical Letter Laudato Si' |  Pope Francis: from Address to International Conference 'Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth'  |  From Health Care to Housing to Humanitarian Work, Sr. Phyllis Hughes Makes an Impact (Americas) |  Students Make Mercy Real in Haiti (Americas) |  All Hallows’ School – Small Steps to Save the Planet (Brisbane) |  Catherine McAuley College Westmead Explores Indigenous Culture (Parramatta) |  MAST Journal Now in its 25th Year (Americas) |  Matariki - Time to Ask How Mercy is Making a Dent - And for Whom (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Further Resources |  On This Day |  15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 6:7-13) |  About Mercy Health St Louis |  Words of Mercy |  Forests ‘Essential’ for the Future |  How To Download Absolutely Everything You Can Find On The Web | 

July 04, Edition 778

Invitation: Participate in Plastic Free July |  MIA Prayer Intention: Peace in South Sudan |  MIA Annual Report 2017 |  Q & A with Sr. Angela Reed, Seeking to Address the Root Causes of Human Trafficking |  Preventing Plastic Pollution – Signs of Hope |  Mercy Ballymahon Students Shine at International Conference (The Congregation) |  Towards a World Without Single- Use Plastics (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Plastic Reduction Initiatives at the Institute Centre Stanmore (ISMAPNG) |  Paper Bags for all Vegetables (ISMAPNG) |  Supporting the Fistula Hospitals in Ethiopia (Parramatta) |  The Last Straw: Plastic Straw Use in South Africa (The Congregation) |  NAIDOC Week 2018: Celebrating ATSI Women |  Sisters of Mercy Denounce Inhumane and Immoral Treatment of Immigrants (Americas) |  Further Resources |  Read This Article!!! How many exclamation points do you need to seem genuinely enthusiastic? |  Mercy 2018 Education Conference (Americas) |  Prophetic outcry |  Independence Day (USA), 4 July |  On This Day |  14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 6:1-6) | 

June 27, Edition 777

Hold a Good Cup of Tea Event During the Season of Mercy: September - December |  Consolidation of MIA Global Action Office |  Steps Towards a Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises with Respect to Human Rights  |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  MIA Prayer Intention: Illumine Our Minds |  Sowing Hope for the Planet |  Inviting Updates on MIRP Actions |  Fifth Congregational Chapter (The Congregation) |  Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Sign onto Catholic Climate Declaration (Americas) |  Elaine Deasy RIP (Americas) |  Goodness and Sincerity of Heart (ISMAPNG) |  Sisters Voice Their Concerns About Refugee Policy (ISMAPNG) |  Celebrating a life of Faith and Service at the Century Mark (Americas) |  Further Resources |  On This Day |  'Our Name is Mercy, our Spirit is Compassion': CD of Music by Elaine Deasy rsm  |  13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 5:21-43) |  Canada Day,1 July |  Weaving Threads - Women of Earth Series (Online)  |  The Tiny, Essential Google Tricks for Way Better Search Results | 

June 20, Edition 776

No Borders, Only One Human Race |  MIA Prayer Intention:
A Moment for Grace,
A Prayer for Refugees |  Updates on the Intergovernmental Negotiations Towards a Global Compact on Migration |  Laudato Si': Day 3 of our 9 Days of Prayer |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  Feliz cumpleaños Gustavo! |  Watering the Roots at the Wellspring of Mercy: Enrolments Welcome for 2019 |  NS Mercy Chapter (North Sydney) |  On Being a Nun and a Lawyer (Americas) |  My First Act of Civil Disobedience (Americas) |  Patricia Powell rsm Awarded an Order of Australia Medal (ISMAPNG) |  Age In Action (The Congregation) |  Appointment of New CMHE Associate Director (Americas) |  Further Resources |  Birthday of John the Baptizer (Luke 1:57-66, 80) |  Reflection -Tearful Among Women: Praying with the Pietà |  TEDxKakumaCamp - the First TEDx Event Hosted in a Refugee Camp |  On This Day |  Malak and the boat | UNICEF |  The Romero Centre, Queensland, Australia | 

June 13, Edition 775

Celebrating the Third Anniversary of the Public Release of Laudato Si' |  World Day Against Child Labour 12 June |  MIA Prayer Intention: Victims of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala |  Fund Launched In Memory of Dr Janette Gray rsm (ISMAPNG) |  Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Opens Doors to 100-year History (Americas) |  Governor’s Wife Breaks Barriers to Ease Girls’ Woes (The Congregation) |  University Rededicates Historic Arch During Alumni Weekend Ceremony |  Scripture with Kathleen Rushton rsm: 'God's Work in Seeds' (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Mercy Our Name, But Why the Cross ? (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  A Tale of Two Sisters (The Congregation) |  St Patrick’s Catholic School, Asquith 60th Anniversary Celebrations (North Sydney) |  Further Resources |  What to Do on 15-, 30-, and 60-Minute Breaks to Boost Productivity |  On This Day |  11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (Mark 4:26-34) |  Explainer: What Amazon knows about you and how to delete it |  Reflection: A Brave and Startling Truth: Maya Angelou |  Laudato Si': Free Mini-series Online Course |  Mater Christi School, Vermont, USA |