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December 19, Edition 704

Christmas Greetings & Blessings To All |  Christmas Greeting: MIA President |  Christmas Greeting: MIA Board Chair |  Christmas Greeting: MIA Executive Director  |  Christmas Greetings from the Mercy World |  Thank you! |  Reminder: Mercy eNews: Important Dates |  Responding to the Refugee Crisis |  Programs on Offer at MIC |  Mercy Celebrations: Foundation Day, Closure of Jubilee Year, End of MIRP |  Advent from the Perspective of Immigrant Women who are Detained (Americas) |  Further Resources |  25 December 2016 Christmas Year A (Matthew 1:1-21; Luke 2:1-20; John 1:1-18) |  Hope in the Struggle: Christmas Video |  Mercy Apps for Smartphone Users |  On This Day |  Ends and Ongoings |  Google: What the World Searched for in 2016 | 

December 14, Edition 703

Catherine McAuley and the Jubilee of Mercy: Letters to Pope Francis Campaign |  MIA Prayer Intention: Peace |  Foundation Day at Mercy International Centre |  Invitation: Send in Your Christmas Greetings for Posting on Mercyworld.org (Final Reminder) |  Music for Inspiration and Reflection: Our 2016 Playlist |  #16Days16Stories: Trafficked Women and Girls in Their Own Words (Book) |  Mercy eNews: Important Dates |  Report from Groups in Ard Bhride, Castlebar (The Congregation) |  Baulkham Parish Group 1: Trafficking and related Sex Offences Stages 3 & 4 Report (Parramatta Congregation) |  Reports from MIRP Groups: Received & Published |  Reports from MIRP Groups: Looking Ahead |  Reports of Foundation Day Celebrations from Mercy Centres (Ireland, Americas, Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia) |  Immigrants, Advocates Fortify Resources after Trump Election (Americas) |  A Call to Mercy: Online Graduate Certificate Available in Mercy Spirituality (Americas) |  Scripture with Kathleen Rushton rsm (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Mercy Sisters Witness Growth of Hapeville School Their Congregation Began (Americas) |  The UN and UNICEF and the Faith Interface (The Congregation) |  Catherine McAuley Announces Sr Patricia Linder Visual Arts Scholarship (Parramatta Congregation) |  As the Year of Mercy Closes, We Look Back! (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Further Resources |  On This Day |  For Musicians, Lovers of Music and Map Aficionados |  New Resource: The Nature of Things |  'How Tos' for the Holidays |  The Jubilee Year of Mercy in Art (Americas) |  Special Workshop at Mercy Center Burlingame | 

December 10, Edition 702

Final Reminder: How to Participate in the Foundation Day Celebrations at Baggot Street on 11 December 2016 via Livestream | 

December 07, Edition 701

Readings for Mercy |  MIA Prayer: for Human Rights |  Resources for the Year of Mercy - Complete List Available Online |  Foundation Day: Live-streaming from Baggot Street; Invitation to Share Reports of Your Local Celebrations |  #16Days16Stories: Trafficked Women and Girls in Their Own Words (concludes) |  Invitation: Send in Your Christmas Greeting for Posting on Mercyworld.org (Reminder) |  MGA Leaflet on SDG #16 Now Available |  International Graduate Certificate in Christianity and an Integral Ecology: A World to Live and a Life to Love (Americas) |  Report on Stage Four from Puerto Eten, Peru (Newfoundland) |  The Capital Group Report on Stages 1-4 (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Report from MIRP Group Resident in Ireland (Brisbane Congregation) |  Reading Luke's Gospel With Ecological Eyes: Part 11 - Final (ISMAPNG) |  Insights into Sustainable Living (ISMAPNG) |  The Wednesday Poem: To My Daughter Betty, the Gift of God (The Congregation) |  The Story of a Forgotten Hero - Abdirashid Adan Dube (The Congregation) |  Pittsburgh Mercy Turns to Nature for Therapeutic Programs (Americas) |  Advent: How Are We Being Called To live Differently? (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Worth Watching |  11 December 2016 3rd Sunday in Advent Year A (Matthew 11:2-11) |  On This Day |  Nigel Westlake - Compassion, Symphony of Songs  |  Preposterous! |  Reflection |  New Mercy Resource: Bloom | 

November 30, Edition 700

Online Launch of 'Walking Gently on Earth' Ensures this Wonderful Publication is a Gift to Mercy Worldwide  |  Invitation: Foundation Day Celebrations at Baggot Street |  MIA Prayer Intention: Advent Week 1 |  Invitation: Send in Your Christmas Greetings for Posting on Mercyworld.org |  #16Days16Stories: Trafficked Women and Girls in Their Own Words (continued) |  Summary Report from a MIRP Group in South C Community (ISMAPNG) |  Apollo Bay Group Share Their Response to MIRP (ISMAPNG) |  Report from the 'Coastal Girls' MIRP Group (Americas) |  Stage 3 Report from Sisters Reflection Circle (Newfoundland) |  Australian Catholics Respond to 'flourishing' Trades of Human Trafficking and Slavery (Australia) |  Thanksgiving After the Year of Mercy (Americas) |  Mercy’s Supply Chain Earns Top 10 Global Ranking (Americas) |  'Illuminations' Concert Lights up St Mary’s Cathedral (ISMAPNG) |  Mercy Pilgrimages at St. Mary’s Convent, Handsworth for the Year of Mercy (Gt Britain) |  A Lifetime of Opening Doors of Mercy: Reflection on the Life of Pat Linnane rsm (ISMAPNG) |  Worth |  Who is My Neighbour? |  Calculate Aspect Ratio |  On This Day |  4 December 2016 2nd Sunday of Advent Year A (Matthew 3:1-12)  |  The Most Influential Images of All Time (Photos) |  The Way of Mercy | 

November 23, Edition 699

Foundation Day Prayer Service |  How to Participate in the MGA at the UN #16 Days16 Stories Campaign |  MIA Special Prayer Intention: People and Places Affected by Earthquakes |  Invitation to Prayer & Action: #RedWednesday |  Enrol in a Program at MIC in 2017 |  Report from the Ballymote Cluster (The Congregation) |  Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation Office Report on MIRP Focus Area |  Report from the Liverpool/Oldham group at the completion of Stage 3 (GB Institute) |  Report from Sacred Circle on Stage 4 MIRP Gathering (Americas) |  Mercy Presents Workshop at RENATE Assembly (The Congregation) |  Critical Concerns Week Georgian Court University (Americas) |  Advent's Promise -A Year of Grace that Never Ends (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Mercy Justice Team Finds Grounding in Laudato Si' (Americas) |  Worth reading |  27 November 2016 1st Sunday of Advent Year A (Matthew 24:37-44) |  On This Day |  Protecting Your Digital Life in 7 Easy Steps |  'Mercy touches the very core of our Christian life'  |  Song: Face of Your Mercy by Jo Boyce |  #16Days16Stories: Trafficked Women and Girls in Their Own Words | 

November 16, Edition 698

Sisters of Mercy—of the Americas and of Alma, Michigan—Celebrate Founder |  Celebrating Remembrance Day at Baggot Street |  Lecto Divina Eucharistic Liturgy every Sunday at Baggot Street |  Final Reminder: MIA Ministry Position |  MIC Calendar Dates for 2017 Now Online |  MIA Prayer Intention: A Post-Election Call for Healing |  Reminder: #16 Days16Stories Starts Next Week |  MIRP Stage 4 – Collective Action. Report from Adelaide (ISMAPNG) |  Group from OLMC reflect on “Throw Away Society” and Share from Stages 3 & 4 (Parramatta Congregation) |  Explore St Thomas More Church with Julia Upton rsm and Anthony Mangano (Americas) |  A New Ministry in Guyana (Americas) |  Celebrating the Year of Mercy at the Skills and Nutrition Centre in Soweto (The Congregation) |  Reading Luke's Gospel With Ecological Eyes: Part 10 (ISMAPNG) |  After Typhoon Haiyan, Mercy Sisters in Philippines rebuild school, hospital |  Report from Mercy Secondary Education Conference XXXV (Americas) |  Worth Reading |  20 November 2016 Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Luke 23:35-43) |  On This Day |  Mercy Hospital, Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand |  Blessings for the Year of Mercy |  10 Ways to Search Google for Information That 96% of People Don’t Know About |  Pope Francis Offers Six New Beatitudes  | 

November 09, Edition 697

The Day of Catherine's Death: El Día de la Muerte de Catalina |  Ireland Bans Fracking - Our Finest Hour Together! Now Let's Ban Fracking throughout the World... |  Trafficked Women and Girls in Their Own Words: #16Days16Stories |  MIA Prayer Intention: Remembering Catherine and All our Deceased Sisters |  Private Audience with Pope Francis for Participants at Second RENATE Assembly in Rome  |  Donate a Plaque on a Memorial Brick |  Reminder: MIA Ministry Position |  Report on MIRP Stages 1-4 from Meánscoil Mhuire, Longford (The Congregation) |  Kitty's Corner Group: Stages Three and Four ISMAPNG) |  COP 22: The Earth Community to the Delegates at Marrakech |  Invitation to Sign the Interfaith Climate Statement |  New Leadership Team Elected (Parramatta Congregation) |  Mercy Joins Standing Rock to Protect Our Earth (Americas) |  ACRATH's Reflective Actions for 16 days of Activism (Australia) |  10 Years On: Where we are now at Mater Comprehensive Care Clinic-Nairobi, Kenya (The Congregation) |  Mercy Sisters Celebrate 150th Anniversary of Ministry in Tennessee (Americas) |  Catherine McAuley Catholic College Announced as Hunter’s Newest Secondary School (ISMAPNG) |  Worth Reading |  On This Day |  13 November 2016 Ordinary Time 33C (Luke 21:5-19) |  10 very useful things you can do on your iPhone's lock screen |  Video: Remembering Catherine McAuley on the Anniversary of her Death  |  Sing Catherine's Suscipe this Friday! |  New Resource | 

November 02, Edition 696

'Give me the grace to walk on the path of Mercy': Invitation to Participate in 9 Days of Prayer  |  Mercy International Association Appointment |  MIA Ministry Positions |  Field Visit to Newfoundland by Denise Boyle fmdm, Director Mercy Global Action |  MIA Prayer Intention: All Saints and All Souls |  Reminder: Invitation to the Baggot Street Celebration of the 175th Anniversary of Catherine's Death |  Catherine's Canonisation Cause: Prayer Requests |  Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary Online for Free until 6 November |  Limerick City Associates Stage Three Report (The Congregation) |  Report on Stage Three MIRP Meeting from Westport Cluster (The Congregation) |  Stage Three Report from a MIRP Group at Nudgee (Brisbane Congregation) |  Nine Days of Prayer for a United Nation (Americas) |  Watch the Launch of the Institute’s Sustainability Policy (ISMAPNG) |  You Will Be With Me (Aotearoa New Zealand) |  Poverty has a Woman's Face (The Congregation) |  Worth Reading |  On This Day |  6 November 2016 Ordinary Time 32C (Luke 20:27-38) |  The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century, And Where to Watch Them |  Top 9 Browser Extensions that Eliminate Web Annoyances |  The Practical Sayings of Catherine McAuley |  Celebrating Mercy with Believers of Other Religions | 

October 26, Edition 695

We Came Home to Catherine |  Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of Catherine's Death: Baggot Street Celebration |  Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of Catherine's Death: Online Celebration |  MIA Prayer Intention: Peace in the Middle East  |  Advanced Notice: Foundation Day Ritual |  Report from the Berwa- Chain MIRP Group (GB Institute) |  Stage 4 Report from MIRP Group SE Qld (ISMAPNG) |  Photography Celebrating and Illustrating the Rich Diversity of Life on Earth |  El Niño drives concentration of C02 in atmosphere to new high – UN weather agency |  Crossroads into Sabbatical Time (Americas) |  Mercy Spirituality Program Online (Americas) |  A Call to Create Comprehensive Health Care for All (Americas) |  175th Celebrations at Handsworth (Great Britain) |  Further Resources |  On This Day |  30 October 2016 Ordinary Time 31C (Luke 19:1-10) |  Don't Miss Out on a Copy of 'The Path of Mercy'  |  The Difference Between Two-Factor and Two-Step Authentication |  More Music for the Jubilee of Mercy  |  Catholic Women in Leadership |