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Mercy is Offering Opportunities

Meet Sister Mary Boiselle. “I have been a Sister of Mercy since I was 16 years old,” she says, “for 62 years, and they have been the most beautiful, beautiful years of my life.”

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Be You Merciful as Your Heavenly Father is Merciful (Lk 6:36)

Having sourced our understanding of the God in the biblical God of relationship, and having addressed the persistent human question – does God actually suffer for us and in us? – Kasper now asks what does it mean for us to be merciful?

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Sister Patricia ponders the mystical and paradoxical circle of life

Paradoxes have always intrigued me. They occur many times in Scripture. I give it more thought.

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Ritual to acknowledge the Closing of the Mater Convent, South Brisbane

Friday 8 May marked a significant day in the story of the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation. The Mater Convent was damaged by storms in November 2014, and can no longer be a residence for Sisters. The Sisters were invited by Mater Health Services to a Ritual to acknowledge the closure of the Convent as a residence for the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation, and many sisters were able to be present. 

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Forgiveness - the crack that lets the light in

Imaging Mercy Today May 2015

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The Congregation of the Queenship of Mary

Mercy Convent had a visit from a new religious community, the “Queenship of Mary” from Ottawa.

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Host and Guest - Hospitality Explored

Margery was very much appreciated by the crowd who attended this talk with its scholarly foundation and excellent flow into the challenge to be hospitable in our everyday lives. She led the group in a reflection on Hospitality as 'Host' and 'Guest' and looked at this concept through the lens of Scripture.

As one participant commented:

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Sr Annette's Farewell

St Patrick's School saying farewell

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As Australians continue to count the cost of Family Violence, including 31 women killed so far in 2015, McAuley Community Services for Women is preparing its submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence in partnership with the Sisters of Mercy

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Memorial Day 2015

Each Memorial Day offers us the challenge to balance two eternally contradictory realities: the awesome self-sacrifice of our brave warriors against the moral imperative to disavow war as a means to peace.

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