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Mass to be Livestreamed HERE from Baggot Street on Mercy Day

Mass will be live streamed on this page on the website (currently showing a countdown clock) so that all the Mercy family can join in the celebrations via computer or mobile device.

Viewers will be invited to post a message or reflection online in response.

The live stream will commence at 1.45 pm (Dublin Time) with Mercy Day messages from Congregation and Institute Teams. You can check the time and date the livestream will start in your area by clicking here.

The video of the Mercy Day Mass will be archived here for later viewing by those for whom the live streaming occurs at an inconvenient hour.

Download the Mass Booklet :

A4 Paper Size (12 pps; PDF)

A4 Letter Size (12 pps; PDF)

Queries regarding live streaming to: Anne Walsh - Mercy eNews Editor

Image: iStock. Used under licence