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Join the international circle of Mercy friends, collaborators and supporters who believe in
and want to further the vision and works of the Sisters of Mercy across the globe.

Together in Mercy

We invite you to participate in the mission of the Sisters of Mercy. The power of a single gift is proven in the inheritance William Callaghan left for Catherine McAuley. Everything we know today as Mercy was born from that one gift.

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Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland in 1831, with the desire to serve people suffering from poverty, illness and lack of education.

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Many around the world are devoted to the Sisters of Mercy and their works, which now include ministries in more than 40 countries worldwide.

These friends of Mercy want to ensure the continuity of Mercy-in-action throughout the world and to support the works of Mercy around the world by supporting the Mercy International Association (MIA).

In doing so they contribute to the life and sustainability of Mercy endeavors across the globe.

What does MIA do?

  • Works to ensure that the spirit and mission of Catherine McAuley continues, inspired by her imperative that 'the poor need help today, not next week'
  • Runs Spirituality and Justice Education programmes
  • Shares the heritage and inspiration of the Mercy story with thousands of visitors at the Centre and online

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Through Mercy Global Action (MGA), MIA

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