International Good Cup of Tea Event

The annual International Good Cup of Tea Event began when people across the Mercy world were invited to support Mercy International Association on Friday 11/11/11. The aim was to celebrate the life and legacy of Catherine McAuley and to raise funds for the ongoing work of Mercy International Association. Now the event is held between 24 September (Mercy Day) and 12 December (Foundation Day) in communities, homes, schools, hospitals and ministry workplaces. Anyone can host a Good Cup of Tea event. Whether you raise €10, €100 or €1000, you will be part of a worldwide event that really does make a difference.

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International Good Cup of Tea

what is International Good Cup of Tea Event About?

In her last moments, Catherine McAuley directed that the Sisters would have a good cup of tea together in the community room, after she had gone.
International Good Cup of Tea

Between 24 September and 12 December (the Season of Mercy), Mercy groups throughout the world are invited to join an international 'Good Cup of Tea' event. By supporting this event, you are helping Mercy International Association to keep the founding spirit of Catherine alive today.


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