Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy

Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy
The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy (Ireland) was formed in 1994. At that time 26 separate units of the Mercy family in Ireland, (with a tradition of being autonomous at diocesan level) and the Sisters of Mercy in South Africa came together to form one Congregation in order to be more effective in Mercy mission.

About Us

The Congregation consists of seven provinces There are four provinces in Ireland with Kenya, South Africa and the United States of America making up the other three provinces.

At present we have 2,272 members with communities in Brazil, Britain, Ireland, Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, United States and Zambia.

Mission Statement

As we explore the heart of who we are as Sisters of Mercy and as we discern our mission in our time and in our evolving universe we ask:

  • In what ways might we respond anew, in hope, to our call to be a compassionate presence of God in our differing realities?
  • In what ways will we deepen our understanding of the diversity that is among us?
  • In what ways will we allow our place in the interdependent and interconnected community of all of life to influence us?