Mercy at a Glance

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1839Education; Health Care; Chaplaincy; Complementary Therapies; Counselling and Psychotherapy; Caring for the Elderly including Palliative Care; Family Support Systems; Work with the Homeless, with Women Involved in Prostitution and with Refugees and Asylum Seekers; Parish and Prison Ministries; Prayer Ministry and Ministry to the Bereavedwww.sistersofmercyunion.org.uk www.ourladyofmercy.org.uk

Two foundations were established in England during Catherine McAuley’s lifetime—Bermondsey in 1839 and Birmingham in 1841. Sisters of Mercy continue to minister in those locations and run heritage centres.

Congregations in England include Great Britain Federation of Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Mercy of the Union of Great Britain, Institute of Our Lady of Mercy (Great Britain), the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy (Ireland) and the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG. Sisters of Mercy live and minister in approximately 127 locations throughout England.

Sisters of Mercy are involved in education at all levels. Some serve as chaplains in both diocesan and community schools, providing pastoral care, attending to the spiritual and liturgical life, and helping to develop social awareness in the school children.

In the area of Health Care, the Sisters of Mercy own nursing and care homes, are involved in hospice and palliative care and hospital chaplaincy, and provide alternative/complementary therapies to patients. They are also involved in home visitation and day care centres.

Ministry to women and children and the provision of other family support systems include: respite care for children and young adults with severe disabilities, social clubs, Youth Mercy Associates, family centres, bereavement support, community support for people with learning difficulties and their families; social services for children, families in need, and vulnerable women especially those transitioning from life on the streets. They are also involved in ministry to prisoners and their families, to the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, and the travelling community. The Sisters are also involved in parish and prayer ministries.