Catherine House Inc.



Catherine House Inc. was established in 1988 by the Sisters of Mercy. It is the only provider of supported accommodation in South Australia for women over 21 years, unaccompanied by children, who are affected by homelessness for reasons other than domestic violence.

Vision Statement

Respect, Acceptance and Trust

We promote an organisational culture which respects, accepts and celebrates differences in our clients, staff, volunteers, board and trust members and valued supporters. We take pride in being a place of warm welcome and hospitality and receiving people just as they are. We believe in building trust with our clients, ourselves and others.

Dignity, Worth, Hope and Fun

We strive to work with women in a way that encourages self-determination, increases self-worth and offers hope. We provide educational and learning opportunities designed to develop and build women’s capacity to live life with dignity. We value the benefit of social occasions to celebrate life and to promote healthy fun and laughter.

Innovation, Choice and Excellence

We are committed to ongoing program development in order to offer women the choice of a range of innovative services. We recognise that it is vital to provide an excellent, integrated and meaningful service response specifically tailored to meet the needs of the women who come to our organisation.

Inquiry, Motivation and Change

We value the evolving nature of our work. We seek, therefore, to continue with relevant research studies that will help us to determine how best we can support and work with our client group. We seek to motivate clients to change the patterns and behaviours that have been destructive in their lives.

Cooperation, Partnerships and Diversity

We are committed to developing strong and cooperative working relationships within and outside the organisation. We enjoy working in partnership with other agencies and departments towards a common goal. We appreciate the richness of diversity and difference in relationships and partnerships.

Mission Statement

Solving women’s homelessness

Catherine House Inc. Today

At Catherine House we seek to offer a woman the opportunity to transform her life, through the various supports and programs that we provide. Our underlying philosophy is that we always see a client as a person first, and not the sum of all the problems that have brought her to homelessness.