Mercy Hospital

Dunedin, New Zealand


The hospital was established in 1936 and relocated to the current Maori Hill site in 1969.The main focus is private elective surgery with six theatres, a two bed ICU facility, forty-one inpatient beds, twenty-four day surgery beds, six day surgery chairs along with a fully equipped Cardiac Catheterisation Lab.


To share in the mission of the Sisters of Mercy by continuing the healing of Jesus Christ through providing the highest standards of health care for the total well-being of all.


We commit ourselves to excellence in health care by living out of our Mercy values.

Through: Compassion: We enter willingly into another’s experience and respond with empathy.

Respect: We appreciate the preciousness, dignity and uniqueness of each person.

Hospitality: We respond to others readily and generously, with warmth, care and respect.

Justice: We engage in balanced, equitable, fair and honest relationships within our caring environment and the wider community, encouraging others to meet their potential.

Integrity: We are authentic and accountable in everything we do, honouring our commitment to openness and honesty.

Excellence: We aspire to provide the highest quality care and service and engage in ongoing development to remain relevant and responsive.

Cultural Commitment

Mercy Hospital is committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and works in partnership with Ngai Tahu through the Otakou Runaka. We value our relationship and friendship with this iwi and appreciate working with Hine Forsyth, our mandated representative, to ensure we are responsive to the cultural rites, needs and interests of everyone in our hospital.

Charitable Outreach

Mercy Hospital is a not-for-profit organisation which has a strong commitment to providing charitable outreach that is responsiveness to the needs of the wider community. The health, education and welfare needs of the poor and underprivileged are of particular concern. The Mercy Hospital Charities Committee oversees all funding allocations and ensures these are consistent with our Mercy Heritage and Catholic Tradition. McAuley Chair in International Health Health needs of the international community are also of interest to Mercy Hospital. As part of the Leading Thinkers programme at the University of Otago, Mercy Hospital has supported the establishment of the McAuley Chair in International Health. The Centre for International Health has a particular interest in researching infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, in countries where poverty and limited health resources are a constant problem.