Providence Row Homeless Centre

London, UK


Providence Row Homeless Centre, East London - Providence Row Charity was founded in 1860 in the City of London by Monsignor Daniel Gilbert, a young Catholic priest. He was determined that the charity should help anyone regardless of their religion, and with this in mind he asked the Sisters of Mercy in 1858 to help him establish the first non-sectarian shelter for the poor in London. The Charity works in partnership with the Sisters of Mercy and Providence Row Housing Association to provide emergency help and long-term support.

Vision and Mission Statement

Today the work remains true to its Christian values and everyone is helped regardless of their beliefs. Many of the people are homeless, some suffer from depression and loneliness, are vulnerable, many have been in care and some have served in the armed forces. Providence Row strives to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable and impoverished in society.

Providence Row Today

Providence Row responds to the needs of homeless people, identifying and addressing the reasons for their homelessness, helping them find a place in the community.