St Mary's College

New Zealand


Sisters of Mercy arrived in Auckland in 1850 and began their teaching mission immediately, establishing St Mary's College based on the spiritual values of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy were founded in Ireland in 1831 by Catherine McAuley, an extraordinary woman with a deep trust and faith in God. Her leadership and inspiration have been recognised and honoured for many years. St Mary's College is owned by the Sisters of Mercy, who have established a Board of Directors which works in conjunction with the Board of Trustees to ensure that the Catholic character and Mercy charism of the school is not only maintained but enhanced and promoted.


The vision we have is that our students will leave St Mary's College with an excellent education, so as to take their place in society to work in the Mercy tradition of social justice and compassion for others.


The mission of St Mary's College is to provide a Catholic education in the Mercy tradition of love in action and to prepare students for their role as Christian woman in the world. The person of Jesus, the model of Mary and the truths of the Catholic Church remain always at the heart of school life. Of fundamental concern is the development of each student towards her full potential.