St. Non’s Retreat Centre



The chapel of Our Lady and St. Non was built in 1934. Mr Cecil Hubert Morgan Griffiths, a Carmarthen solicitor, had it built in the native style used on the Pembrokeshire coast as early as 500 AD. It contains many stones from ruined pre-reformation chapels in the area.

The stained glass windows depict Saints Non, David, Bride, Brynach and Winifred. Many of the carved and incised stones were left in the altar of St Non, which also contains a white heart-shaped stone from the altar of St. Patrick's Chapel.

The Passionists are the owners of the property and they have granted the Sisters of Mercy a licence to occupy and manage St Non's Retreat Centre.

Vision and Mission Statement

St. Non's is a Mercy/Passionist still-point, a place of Spirituality, Pilgrimage and Hospitality for the local Welsh Community and aspiring to shape a new future through creative ways of collaboration.

St. Non’s Retreat Centre Today

St. Non’s Retreat, St. David’s — is a place of spirituality, a place of hospitality, a haven for those who come seeking peace.