Vincent De Paul

New Zealand

The Young Vinnies co Ordinator who is a retired teacher and a volunteer, visits all of the twelve schools at least four times a year. Also, as each of the Young Vinnies groups once a term. The groups are voluntary and use the Inquiry learning process. Each school has the Young Vinnies meeting during lunch time. The actions that the students have implemented are those which the students judge will make the world a better place as Jesus and Catherine Mc Aukey , Vincent de Paul, St Dominic and our Pope would agree with. Some of the actions have included looking at ecology and creating "Teeny Weeny" gardens, planting Kowhai seeds, donating food to the Food Bank for the area, raising money to help with research of sudden deaths of little babies called "Red Nose Day", planting from each family in a very low decile school at St Patrick's School , Nightcaps, visiting the lonely and sick elderly and attending the funeral when one of the people died with parental support, making food and selling it to help with people who needed expensive medicine. The two Catholic secondary schools in the the Southland area are coming on board very well. One is still at the initial planning stage and are interested in the issue of whether having Caritas in the school excludes Young Vinnie's. There is a new awareness in the Catholic social teachings. All the parents and caregivers are very supportive and generous. It seems that there is a new sacrament being celebrated ... making the world a happier place for those who need support!