Mercy at a Glance

Peru has high rates of unemployment, displacement of persons from rural to urban areas, and social inequalities. As a result of these socio-economic realities, Sisters of Mercy in Peru have chosen to focus on programmes and services predominantly directed toward women and children.

Sisters of Mercy are dispersed throughout rural and urban areas of Peru and run women’s houses and medical centres. They are educators, health promoters, catechetical teachers, youth ministers, and providers of programmes in spirituality and adult faith formation. In the Women’s Houses, women of Peru come to relax, learn new skills, grow in self-esteem, develop social support networks, and receive necessary professional services.

In addition to Sisters of Mercy native to Peru, Sisters of Mercy from four Mercy families live and minister in Peru: the Congregation of Sisters of Mercy (Ireland), Institute of Our Lady of Mercy (Great Britain), Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland.