Sacred Garden Project

Funds raised at the 2018 Good Cup of Tea events will contribute to The Sacred Garden Project, the creation of a place of peace and tranquillity for all pilgrims. This will encompass a Remembering Space to reflect and renew, an upgrade of the fountain and rill, the addition of a bronze globe - a symbol of the worldwide Mercy family, and an invitation 'to care for our common home'.

The Memory wall will be renewed, displaying beautiful ceramic plaques with the art of Sr Clare Augustine Moore. An interactive Learning Area for groups to gather will separate the garden into two distinct spaces.

To complement all of this, there will be trees and plantings, benches and lighting to foster an atmosphere of contemplation, rejuvenation and awareness.

Remembering Space

Our vision is to create a reflective atmosphere in the Sacred Garden around Catherine’s burial site, including the paving throughout the entire Sacred Garden, displaying the names of those first fifty sisters buried in the garden, seating for reflection and rest, and complementary planting.

Memory Wall

The Memory Wall will undergo structural work and renewal; all previous plaques will be restored and it will incorporateceramic plaques of the artwork of Sr Clare Augustine Moore.

Fountain and rill

A new globe structure will be designed and begin the rill. The rill and pool will be brought up to garden level The pool area will be in the new Learning Space. Total cost is €105,500.

Learning Area

A lift will be installed to provide accessThe ground area will be lowered, an amphitheatre style seating area will becreated, along with new steps. There will be planters to soften and encourage a lovely welcome to the space.

Trees, benches and lights

Plants, lighting and benches to rest and contemplate will bring joy to the visitors of the Sacred Garden.