Mercy Global Presence

Mercy Global Presence -an organic entity linking congregations/institutes, individual Sisters of Mercy and Associates, partners in Mercy, and Mercy International Association in creative and energizing ways.

Mercy Global Presence

Naming the Reality

The very engagement in the Mercy International Reflection Process gave glimpses of what an intentional entity Mercy Global Presence would look like: an organic entity and a countercultural sign in a globalised world which has made more extreme the displacement of persons and degradation of Earth.

Mercy Global Presence Emerging

13 March 2019 - Launch of Mercy Global Presence
8 May 2019- Delay in Programme Announced
29 September 2019 - Process Begins Worldwide

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The Future Beckoning

‘Now is the time to take the next steps on this mercy-filled, joy-filled journey in Mercy.’