Mercy Global Presence

Mercy Global Presence will be an organic entity linking congregations/institutes, individual Sisters of Mercy and Associates, partners-in-Mercy, and Mercy International Association in creative and energizing ways. Such a Mercy Global Presence will be a countercultural sign in a globalized world which has made more extreme the displacement of persons and degradation of Earth. It will further the dream of the globalization of mercy and compassion.

An announcement about Mercy Global Presence will be made in a forthcoming MercyeNews.

Mercy Global Presence

A Kairos Moment

The Mercy International Reflection Process has indeed led to the Kairos moment to which the leaders in the Mercy world had invited Sisters of Mercy and Partners in Mercy. Now is the time to take the next steps on this mercy-filled, joy-filled journey in Mercy. In a global world, there will be a Mercy Global Presence. In a world of displacement, Mercy Global Presence will champion inclusion. In a world of degradation of the environment, Mercy Global Presence will realize its oneness in the sacred communion of all creation. The Mercy world has heard “the cry of Earth and the cry of the Poor” in a new way. It will respond by seeing Mercy in a new way and by daring Mercy in a new way.

The future Beckoning

It is daunting to realize that living into such Mercy Global Presence will further change every congregation, every institute and the Mercy International Association. Two things are certain: (i) there is already movement in this direction in so many visible ways (the Mercy International Reflection Process itself being only one way), and (ii) there is the certainty of the engagement of so many in helping shape this vision (the many MIRP participants who have called Sisters of Mercy to this vision, all Sisters of Mercy, the congregational and institute leadership teams, the MIA Board and staff members).