Mercy International Reflection Process Report

Available Here in both English & Spanish

Editor: We are delighted to make available here on our website the Report: Review of the Mercy International Reflection Process: "What has been discovered? What has been revealed?" which was released on Friday, 21 April, 2017.

Image: © 2017 MIA. Cover of the MIRP Report.This image is available to any Mercy group who would like to use it. Please contact the Editor

This Report is intended for every Sister of Mercy and all partners in Mercy, for all participants in MIRP groups, for all those who accompanied the process by their prayerful support and attention to each Stage of the Process, and all those who were engaged in the Process through alignment with other processes unfolding through their congregations or institutes.

MIRP Coordinators will be working with their Congregation and Institute Leadership Teams to explore ways to support the recommendations of this Report. MIA Leaders and Board Members will be discussing the Report and its recommendations at their annual meeting in Dublin in May 2017.

MIRP Coordinators commenced circulating the MIRP Report through their congregations and institutes to all MIRP participants, Sisters of Mercy and partners in Mercy following its release on 21 April. We invite you to share this Report with your own networks and with anyone interested in the vision and ministry of the Sisters of Mercy.

Download the Report:
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