MIRP 6 Month Update: Mercy Global Presence – Emerging

Where the Dream Began

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During the last week of March this year, the Institute and Congregation MIRP Co-ordinators, the MIRP Guiding Team, Elizabeth Davis rsm, liaison with the MIA Members (Leaders) and Mary Reynolds rsm, MIA Executive Director, gathered at Baggot Street Dublin to reflect on and share experiences, insights and learnings gained during the Mercy International Reflection Process and to formally close the Process.

From that meeting came the report: "Review of the Mercy International Reflection Process: What has been discovered? What has been revealed?" which was released online to the Mercy world on 21 April and through Congregations and Institutes to all Sisters, partners-in-Mercy and all who engaged in the Process.  Co-ordinators from each Congregation and Institute then met with their respective leaders to discuss the report more fully.

A MIRP 6 Month Update document 'Mercy Global Presence - Emerging' has been produced which includes 8 new invitations to all who participated in the Mercy International Reflection Process.

You are invited to reflect on the document and, where possible, respond to the invitations in the 'Where from here - Contemplative Engagement' section on pps 2-3.

Download the MIRP 6 Month Update
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