Mercy Global Action: Responding to a Cosmological Narrative and Praxis
Angela Reed rsm (MIA)

At the heart of the work of Mercy Global Action is a deep commitment to reflect on and understand the impact of our ‘worldview’ on the way we respond to global injustice.  Core to any credible active response to injustice is a commitment to interrogate our own presuppositions, and perhaps, limited vision of a particular global justice issue in order that we may be open to new ways of seeing and responding. A common Western view is anthropocentric, which sees human beings as superior to all of creation. This view has led to domination over and detachment from the Earth. Education and integration of Cosmology shifts this anthropocentric view to one of interdependence and interrelatedness of the whole.

In her article, ‘Earth Community and Mercy Consciousness’, Theologian, Ilia Delio claims there is a crisis in consciousness that lacks a sense of the whole. She suggests that the barriers to responding in Mercy are rooted in a detached mode of being that prevents us from addressing the problems of our age, including: war, conflict, racial and religious injustice, economic greed, power corruption, control and manipulation. She claims that ‘if the Church wants to see a new earth empowered by mercy then we need a renewed sense of Catholicity, developing a new theology consonant with the new cosmology’. [1]

[1] Delio, Ilia. Earth Community and Mercy Consciousness, HD Magazine V36 Winter 2016 20-27

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Angela Reed rsm is the Coordinator of Mercy Global Action. She is responsible for the Global Action programme of MIA. Angela supports linkages between the justice programmes of MIA member organisations and ensures Mercy stories are incorporated into international advocacy at the United Nations.

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