Artistic Response: People and Deep Social Change
Mary White rsm (Parramatta): "Si"
Process Journal

I receive the news:  “I write on behalf of the MGP Global Group to say that you have been  allocated the November Artistic Presentation, ’People and Deep Social Change”  My excitement builds and I start to explore ways and means in which I can capture what this means at this time and in this place.  I set up a blog and invited others from my work environment to contribute commentary on what this title evokes in them. The blog remained open for three weeks and six people participated...

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Artist's Statement Declaración Del Artista

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Mary White is a member of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta.

'I am passionate about making connections between ideas and processes that can inform not only myself, but the system in which processes and ideas arise from.  My connections are expressed in many formats ranging from word, art, music and movement. My ministry is in education where I am involved in listening, observing, holding and accompanying people in Mercy.  As Catherine did, she walked her journey, and I feel I am doing something very similar.   Completing my Masters in Therapeutic Art Practice last year, I used the MIECAT form of inquiry.  That method is using collected words, stories, poems and images as material for the collation of the resource, namely in this instance informing the Artwork "Si" for the theme “People and Deep Social Change.”'

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