Mercy Global Action: Young Global Activists and their interconnectedness with Earth
Angela Reed rsm (MIA)
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash
Shot on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol, Washington

‘I’ve always loved the planet because of the wildness it inspired in me, in an age where humans commonly  have the ability to dominate all other life forms, it’s a relief to know that we are not the rulers of everything but simply one of many chess pieces. There is a power greater than us, something that we will never conquer, and that is nature. Growing up, I experienced this with ocean waves so big they would knock me off my feet and mountains so tall I marvelled at how anyone had ever made it to the summit. My relationship with God’s creation is one of wonder, respect and comfort, and I never feel so alive as when I am interacting with the Earth’[1]

The above powerful reflection is an excerpt of an article written by Mercy Student, Cate Kelly from Omaha, USA. I chose to feature her words because it reflects a relationship with earth and community that is the heart of Integral Ecology. Read in its entirety, Cate extends her reflection by describing her journey to global action. Her action is rooted in a deep spirituality in which she reveres earth and embraces not only her experience with creation but also the accompanying scientific evidence that indicates dire consequences for earth and its people unless radical change is implemented. Citing the latest climate report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel  on Climate Change (IPCC)  she describes her anguish.

‘I remember feeling a wave of grief wash over me, a feeling of utter panic. I read the scientific report…I sobbed the entire way home. ..I retreated under the covers for the rest of the evening and imagined my future, imagined how much environmental destruction was happening at that very moment and how much was to come. I felt completely helpless and, above all, I felt disgust and anger.’[2]

[1] Kelly, Cate. “Rallying for the Planet and the Future” Sisters of Mercy, October 21,2019,

[2] Ibid

Download the complete article here (A4) Download the complete article here (US Letter) Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño de papel A4) Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño carta, EE. UU.)

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Angela Reed rsm is the Coordinator of Mercy Global Action. She is responsible for the Global Action programme of MIA. Angela supports linkages between the justice programmes of MIA member organisations and ensures Mercy stories are incorporated into international advocacy at the United Nations.

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