Musings for the Journey: Earth and Integral Ecology
Guiding Group
  • In what ways do I feel an intimate and personal connection with Earth?
  • Can I remember times when I saw God revealed in creation – in the smile of a baby, in the light on the water, in the face of an indigenous elder, in the purple of a sunset?
  • How am I personally challenged in my care for Earth by Pope Francis, by the Synod for the Amazon, by Greta Thunberg?

In my hearing these voices and seeing these presentations on Earth and Integral Ecology:


1. What did I hear and see that matched my own way of thinking and dreaming?


2. What did I hear and see that caused me to feel some resistance?


3. What did I hear and see that I had never been aware of before but makes perfect sense and brings me much hope when I ponder it now?

Opportunities for Sharing:

  • Who do I know who would love to see this, or part of this, process?
  • How could I get it to them?
  • What is something I have read or seen or heard elsewhere that really connects with this process, that's too good to keep to myself? Please send it on to Anne Walsh at
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