Theological Imaginings: Deep Social Change
Julia Upton rsm (Americas)

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Ever since I entered the Sisters of Mercy in 1981, I have been fascinated by two things: the extent to which Catherine McAuley’s foundations circle the globe; and the similarity I have found among the sisters.  For 30 years I had to be content with chance encounters with sisters, mostly Australians, who passed through New York on their journeys, or more recently reading about them on the Mercy International Association’s website and the weekly Mercy eNews.  A sabbatical year, however, enabled me to begin visiting with our sisters around the world—meeting the Global Mercy Community.

On the first leg of my year’s journey I met Mercy in the Pacific, which took me to New Zealand, Tonga, Australia, Guam and the Philippines.  I visited many ministries and came to know many sisters along the way, which confirmed what I had long suspected—that the Sisters of Mercy thrive as a Global Community today even without benefit of a central government or common constitution.  Sisters of Mercy around the world do not have to become one to be one.  We already are one—daughters of Catherine McAuley, steeped in the charism of Mercy...

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Spanish translation by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Traducción al español por las Hermanas de la Misericordia de las Américas

Julia Upton rsm is a member of the  Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

A professor of theology specializing in Liturgy and Sacramental Theology for 40 years, Julia recently completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health. 

After retiring from the university next year she plans to serve as consultant, writer and lecturer on issues related to aging and well-being.

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