Artistic Response: Faith Traditions & Mercy
Anne Reddington rsm & Maureen Murphy rsm (GB Union)
Table of Mercy

The title of this painting is Table of MERCY. I used a fractured technique and tried to create visual balance and unity. Colour, light and symbolism allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the work as opposed to simply being an observer.

Elements such as the title of the work, the empty stool in the foreground and the cup and saucer all convey a sense that the viewer has been invited to join in the conversation at the table.

Tabla de la Misericordia

El título de este cuadro es Tabla de la MISERICORDIA. Utilicé una técnica de fractura y traté de crear equilibrio visual y unidad. El color, la luz y el simbolismo permiten al espectador sumergirse en la obra en lugar de ser simplemente un observador.

Elementos como el título de la obra, el taburete vacío en primer plano y la taza y el platillo transmiten la sensación de que el espectador ha sido invitado a unirse a la conversación en la mesa.

Who are we if not kin?

Where is the Table where we could sit together?

See us – the different – sitting as one,

Halo-ed and held by our only common identity: ‘HUMAN’,

By our one shared place – this green but groaning Earth...

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Anne Reddington rsm is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Union Great Britain.

'I am a Parish Sister and School Chaplain in Llanelli South Wales.  I have used painting as a spiritual practice for many years. My painting process is both intuitive and intentional. Like meditation and prayer, painting is a sacred doorway connecting us with the creative spirit that is within us all. What I wish my paintings to do is assist the viewers to explore the spiritual truths there, regardless of their tradition.'

Maureen Murphy rsm is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Union Great Britain.

'As a member of a Community of two Sisters, I have been in full time pastoral ministry in Corpus Christi Parish,  Stechford, Birmingham for many years.  Before coming to Birmingham,  and having left teaching, I enjoyed five years in Vocation Ministry as part of a large team of male and female religious who conducted High School Missions in the UK. Now my Community ministers as part of the Pastoral Team with our Vocationist Priests who have care of the Stechford Parish. No two days are the same and it is a huge privilege to accompany people in their joys and sorrows. Among other things, I enjoy leading a small weekly Youth Prayer Group and ‘working with’ words in a reflective way. The beauty and complexity of our language never ceases to amaze me! In this 2020 ‘Year of the Word’ and ‘The God who Speaks’, it has been a privilege to reflect on Sr. Anne Reddington’s beautiful Painting and allow the word accompanying it to be is a real challenge in today’s world to regard every other person as our kin but perhaps we just need to have confidence that grace can work miracles.'

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