Distinct Voice: New Foundations in Mercy
Members of Mercy Focus on Haiti (Americas)
About Mercy Focus on Haiti

Mission Statement

Passionate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to the legacy of Catherine McAuley, Mercy Focus on Haiti members are led to service and solidarity with persons who are materially poor, especially those living in Haiti. Mercy Focus on Haiti collaborates with the people of Haiti to help meet their unmet needs.  Mercy Focus on Haiti collaborates with other like-minded organizations to achieve shared goals that will benefit the people of Haiti. 

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Text of the Video & Postscript

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas envision a just world for people who are poor, sick and uneducated, and we take action to help make it happen. In 2011, Sisters of Mercy from across the United States, Belize, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Jamaica, the Philippines, Guatemala and the territory of Guam gathered at our Chapter meeting.  The meeting was committed to creating a response to this question.  

“God of Mercy, Wisdom and Mystery, where do we need to be led now to come to both a deeper response to our Critical Concerns and a radical embrace of our identity?” 

A simple notice posted on a message board at Chapter invited Sisters to participate in a lunchtime discussion regarding the Chapter challenges as they pertained to Haiti, which in 2010 had suffered a devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 Haitians and sunk a suffering nation into even deeper anguish. Sister Dale Jarvis who was at the lunch table said:  “It made sense to all those gathered … that Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, would be present in the poorest country in the western hemisphere – Haiti”.

Prior conversation and this lunchtime gathering led to action -- the formation of Mercy Focus on Haiti – A New Foundation!  This partnership of Sisters, Associates and friends of Mercy committed themselves to do all they could to address the needs of the ultra-poor in Haiti...

Download the complete article (A4) Download the complete article (US Letter) Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño de papel A4 Descargar el artículo completo (Tamaño carta, EE. UU.)

Spanish translation by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Traducción al español por las Hermanas de la Misericordia de las Américas

Kathryn Gauthier, Jane M Heil, Kathy Thornton rsm, Maureen Falcon, Kathy Roeder, Dale Jarvis rsm - members of Mercy Focus on Haiti.

Special thanks to Sister Patricia McDermott for inviting us to share in this project. 

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