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CCASA Prophetic Voice Commission (Americas)


(Community of Central America, Caribbean and South America

The Prophetic Voice Commission was created in 2005 and its basic objectives have been since then: to encourage prophecy in the ministries of CCASA from the Critical Concerns of the Institute (women, the Earth, migrants, anti-racism and non-violence) in the spirit of Mercy and Justice.

To this end, we promote training and analysis of the reality on the issues of anti-racism, non-violence, extractivism and human trafficking. We provide training through workshops, information and support for campaigns of advocacy for territories and human rights.

We seek to maintain a fluid communication between us as a team, with the whole community and the Institute in order to influence personal, community and social transformation.

(Comunidad de   Centroamérica, Caribe y Sudamérica

La comisión de Voz Profética fue creada el 2005 y sus objetivos básicos han sido desde entonces : animar el profetismo en los ministerios de CCASA desde los asuntos críticos del Instituto (Mujeres, tierra, migrantes, antirracismo y no violencia) en el espíritu de Misericordia y Justicia.

Para ello  promovemos la formación y el análisis de la realidad sobre los temas de antirracismo, no violencia,  extractivismo y trata de personas. La formación la realizamos  a través de  talleres, envio de información y apoyo a campañas en defensa de territorios y derechos humanos.

Buscamos  mantener una comunicación fluida entre nosotras  como equipo, con toda la comunidad y el Instituto a fin de incidir en la transformación personal, comunitaria y social.

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Ana Maria Siufi is a Sister of Mercy living in the south of Argentina. She is a member of the Prophetic Voice Commission of the Caribbean, Central America and South America community of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. She also serves on the Extended Justice Team for the Institute. She is engaged in prison ministry, and resistance against extractive industries in her region.

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